Monday, October 03, 2005

Second Chances

So, my friend J (who is as much of a professional TV watcher as I am) convinced me not to give up on Grey's Anatomy. She told me that it was actually in her top 3 favorites right now - this means a lot because we are basically the same person (she also likes to judge people and everything else) and if its in her top 3, that means it should probably be in mine too. We've made a deal where she'll keep all this season in her TiVo, and I'll watch after Season 1 gets released on DVD. I am putting a lot of faith in her - so I hope she's right. Stay tuned for my Grey's Anatomy review in the upcoming few months....

In other news, I watched the second to last episode of So You Think You Can Dance last night... to my delight, Blake got voted off! Was he one of the best dancers on the show? Probably. But I hated him, so I'm pretty happy about the whole thing. In case you care, I would like either Nick or Melody to win.

Also, the season finale (hopefully series finale) of Beautiful People continued the trend of being one of the worst shows on television. Please put me out of my misery and cancel this show - I just can't go through another season. All the same, I'm really glad that Sophie chose Nicky over Giddeon. Actually, I hate Sophie, so I wish she chose Giddeon so that she made the wrong choice and her life was miserable. Actually, I hate myself for know who Sophie, Nicky and Giddeon are.

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