Friday, March 31, 2006

Viva Espana

So I'm heading to Barcelona for a week, so won't be able to make any updates (except maybe for the few telenovelas I'll be checking out!) Quick recaps before I go, to tide you over for the week!

All of a sudden, this show has regained its momemtum! Between Sun getting pregnant, Henry Gale not being Henry Gale, the Jack & Sawyer Poker Showdown, the secret map... my mind is literally exploding! Of course about an hour after this week's show ended, there were about a billion interpretations of the map up on the web - just google it and you'll be sure to find it. The translations are pretty interestesting...

And BTW - did you all catch that fantastic Alias promo during the show? I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Battlestar Galactica
I'm towards the second half of Season 1. All women out there should be watching this show. Starbuck is my new hero. I just finished watching the episode where she tortures the cylon - the look on her face the whole time is fantastic. I know T will harshly critisize me for the following statement, but that torture scene was more captivating than any 24 torture scene ever. This show is just amazing, I can't believe that I didn't know about it until recently. I implore you all to give it a try - forget that its on the SciFi Network, forget that it involves sexy killer robots, forget that it takes place in outer space (and in most of the scenes, you get more of a "submarine" feel anyway!) This is truly a well thought out, well written, well acted show. Give the 3 hour mini-series a try, and I promise you'll be hooked from there!

Is on a hiatus to give The Evidence a try... I TiVo'd an episode, but couldn't get into it. Invasion will be back after the mid-season premier of Alias, on April 19th.

The OC
Uh... I guess Summer & Seth are still together, and Ryan & Marissa have quickly moved on. And Julie Cooper is marrying Summer's dad. Nothing great going on here.

Returned this week - but I have to pack for Spain, so I don't have time to watch it! I'm excited for the Lex-Lana thing, as well as the return of Brainiac!

Had myself a little Related marathon and watched the final three episodes of the season (and possibly series!) I actually ended up crying - the last scene of the season (the montage of the sisters getting together/breaking up with their respective boys) was so sad. I really want Ginnie & Bob to get back together! They better have another season so that I can see this reunion!!

Commander In Chief
Returning in April 18 (Tuesday)... looks like things are going to get tricky again between Mac and the sneaky Speaker, Templeton. The producer that joined the show mid-season (and tried to ruin it by making Mac & Templeton friends, and making Rod part of the presidential staff) has left, and they are trying out yet a third producer... apparently, they are going to go back to the original concept of the show, instead of trying to creating a West Wing/Homicide mixed bag. Hopefully, it will return to the great show that premiered last fall!

Beautiful People
YES, I am still watching this god-awful show. Although, I have no clue where they are taking it. The last episode I watched (and I try to refrain from watching as much as possible, but damn it, I'm an addict, I can't help myself!) both Mother and daughter broke up with their boyfriends (who happened to be father and son). I have no clue where they can go with this now. With the Fisks out of the way, I don't see any good storyline for Sophie (I guess she's going get together with the new bad boy in town - the other scholarship student/co-worker at the coffee shop - that's not cliche or anything.) And god help you if you don't see where the Karen/smooth talking guy/grouchy photographer storyline is going... um... can I take any bets that Karen will manage to smooth out those rough edges on the photographer? Give me a break. This show sucks.

The Unit
Still watching this show - definitely not as good as my faves (Alias, Lost, BSG, Invasion)... there doesn't seem to be any ongoing plot - more Desperate Housewives-y than anything else. Even the boys seem to talk about their feelings. But its a nice show to catch every once in a while. And Scott Foley is always nice to look at!

Top Chef
I still get a "want to stab him" feeling every time I see Stephen. And T brought up a good point about Tiffani: a few episodes ago she said she was featured in an article about queer chefs, and then last night she talked about making a bread pudding with her boyfriend. Which is it - boys or girls? She is such a sham. I hope Tiffani and Stephen get trapped in the kitchen and an oven explodes. I miss Heidi (sniff).

Saved the best for last... only 19 days left, and I am so psyched!!

Well, hasta luego all, and have a great TV week!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Polygamy Loves Company

Saw Episode 2 of Big Love... can't decide if I'm on board yet or not. This episode dealt a lot with how the wives "share" their husband - the schedules, the politics, the games... it just all seems so... hard. I'm still waiting for them to explain why people make the decision of polygamy in the first place; this family doesn't even seem religious - they aren't Mourmons and they don't seem to believe in the cult they came from, Juniper Creek! I guess I'll give it until episode 5, where the critics all claim it gets "good", but not sure if its going to keep beating out Grey's as the program to watch on Sunday nights.

24 last night was... okay. They didn't really make as big of a deal out of Tony's death as they seem to be doing about Edgar's... and the whole "Wet List" subplot just seemed to make another country (Germany) mad at Jack; let's not forget that China still assumes he's dead, and they won't be happy when they find out he's not! Rumors are that next season 24 will be in London with a whole new main character... the way that Jack is pissing people off, I won't be surprised if he's the final death this season!! The best part about last night was last few minutes, when it was revealed that Audrey might be the mole... that could explain a lot from last season, especially when Jack tortured Audrey's e-husband because he might have been involved with the whole terror plot - it turned out, he wasn't (and he died saving Jack)... was Audrey really pissed because her ex-husband died in vain, or because he died when really, *she* was the one involved all along, and *she* deserved to die? Chew on that one for a week!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kitchen Confidential: The Lost Episodes

In the words of Janice: "Oh. My. God."

In my discovery of torrents, I've found the two episodes of Kitchen Confidential that taped but never aired: "You Lose I Win" and "Rabbit Test." This is amazing. In a few short hours, I can remember all the anger I felt when they cancelled this show the first time. OH YEAH.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Judging Women

In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament and passing judgement, I must put up a link to one of my favorite annual traditions... its interesting that T's and my "Final 4" are never even close... sometimes I wonder how we're married!

Mueller Tourney

My cartoon winner was Poison Ivy... haven't done the 2006 invitational yet!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Hope They All Lose

Watched episode two of Top Chef last night, and realized that there is not one likeable character on that show. In my previous post, I said that they got rid of their Santino... I was wrong... turns out Santino is reincarnated as Tiffani, the red-headed female chef. Last night she wouldn't let Lee Ann use an extra minute to take her tart shells out of the oven because it was "against the rules" (yes, she is *that* person). Clearly, he cooking talent will not help her win the title, so she needs to handicap the others contestants (who actually possess culinary skill) in any way she can. Yes, I get it, it is a GAME, and you have to play to win - but the only way I can explain it is that she is one who calls personal fouls in a pickup game of basketball. I hate those people. Play the game, but for god's sake, stop crying because somebody was in the paint for 4 seconds instead of 3. The other untolerable one is Stephen, the Sommelier (probably the most pretentious job possible in the history of the universe.) What a smarmy bastard. Yeah, his presentation is good, but does anyone else want to just smack him in the face anytime he comes on the screen? I really don't like anyone on the show so far - I hope they all lose.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Here's the low down on the shows I've been watching, but have been treating like a middle child:

Project Runway
Chloe Won! Santino Lost! Well - in all honesty, Daniel V really should have won the season. And (as much as I hate to defend him) the judges really screwed Santino - he listened to everything they said (better finishing, less eyesores, generally class it up) and they came back and told him he was too "calm", which was definitely unfair. I love Chloe, and although her collection was the most complete and tied together, I thought in overall beauty, Santino actually pulled through and showed the talent he has been bragging about and hiding all season. Oh well - I guess I wouldn't have been happy whoever won!

The Sopranos
I'm surprised that T has not blogged about this yet, as I'm not the die-hard Sopranos fan he is... not because I don't think the show is fantastic, but more because it always aired opposite Alias until Desperate Housewives stole its spot, and clearly, I would watch Alias above anything else. However, I sat and watched the season premier with T - WOW. In one hour, we find out about snitches, witness somebody get hit by a car, Tony is shot, some guy hangs himself in a very gritty and realistic scene, Uncle Junior is senile, tough guys are asking for hot water with a slice of lemon, Daniel V from Project Runway is marrying Meadow, dead Adrianna cameos... and so much more. The show is just so good! It didn't even matter that I've only seen Season 1 and bits and pieces here and there. I'll definitely be watching this season, and maybe I'll catch up with the DVDs over the summer.

Big Love
Watched the series premier, and while interesting, the only thing I could think was "what a terrible idea!" The wives are all played against one another and are in constant battle to be the "best" wife, the husband has to change houses every night and support 3 huge families, and above all of this, they have to pay taxes to the crazy cult they all came from! I've heard that this show gets better after a few episodes, but for starters, there is no good understanding of why these people chose this lifestyle... actually, from the first episode, you get the feeling that the "boss" wife's character would never really consent to such a thing! I have to say that the acting is great (you're supposed to feel creeped out) and there is plenty of places for the plot to go, but I doubt this will be a high priority for me. Especially since it runs opposite Grey's Anatomy. Speaking of which...

Grey's Anatomy
Just finished up Season 1 on DVD - just as everyone says - it *is* really good. But I just don't get the thunderbolt in love feeling from it that I get from shows like Alias, Battlestar, Lost...etc. I am to the point where I look forward to the episodes, but I rarely watch them on Sundays, or even Mondays.... maybe around Thursday or Saturday morning or something, when nothing else is on. But when I watch it, I really do like it! I guess a lot of people hate Meredith's character - I don't - I think she makes very realistic decisions, which are almost always not the best ones. I guess I want to see her and McDreamy hook up, but not in any way that I would be totally upset if they didn't in the end.

The OC
Ryan and Marissa broke up? I guess... so what? I hate Marissa... she has no concept on how to be a girlfriend or even just a friend... first she cheated on Zach (was that his name?) for Ryan, then on Ryan with a ton of guys (short, dumpy guy who got obsessed with her, her lesbian relationship, Johnny, now Volcheck)... she just is whiny and can't make up her mind. Her mother, Julie Cooper-Nichol does the same thing - but somehow she makes it work! I like the Summer/Seth thing, (the whole SAT arc reminded me of the Jesse/Zach epis of Saved By the Bell!) but I'm glad they didn't pursue a love triangle with Taylor... speaking of whom, turns out that she's going to be a series regular next season (if there is one). I don't know how I feel about that... she's too much of a "character" to play a regular, ya know? So that's the OC.

Top Chef
Checked it out after Project Runway - their first cut was their "Santino", which means the show will get petty really fast; since there's not *one* contestant harrassing everyone, they will all turn on eachother. Could be interesting, but Iron Chef is so much better. in terms of a cooking competition. Will try a few more episodes, but somehow, they just don't have the magic of PR - plus, the host has none of the charm or charisma of Heidi.

Desperate Housewives
Somehow they have made Teri Hatcher less... Teri Hatcher, and it works for her! Bree has pretty much taken over the whole show... although the alcoholic thing is starting to get stale. So is the whole "her son is the spawn of satan" thing. Gabby's story of adopting could get interesting, bringing the original mystery full circle. (The reason Mary Alice killed herself was because she stole a baby... now Carlos & Gabby are looking into "alternative methods" of adoption... which could create emotional disaster for Gabby... leading her to...?) Don't really care about the Lynnette story - her husband is totally annoying to me. I GET IT! She's smart and her husband's not! And I guess the Applewhites are just plain written out - which is fine by me - their story didn't seem to be going anywhere anyway.

Still AMAZING. I'll be honest though - I just want closure on the whole mystery. Whether it takes 1 season or 5, I want it to remain great (unlike the season 4 fiasco of Alias). There are lots of rumors that Invasion's going to pull a telenovela, and make the mystery 1 season long, and just end it. I wouldn't be that unhappy, as long as they answer the questions... but I have to say, they are *very* good at not leaving too many questions unanswered... just enough to grab you back every week. This show is really like a ballet - everything just seems to work together and it really is beautiful to watch (not that I watch that many ballets, but that's how I would describe it if I did!)

Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Earl, The Office
These are the only funny comedies on TV right now. Watch them, whether they are repeats or new ones. Especially the Office. But especially Scrubs. But *especially* the Office.

The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
These should be your only sources of news. If you are watching anything else (CNN or Fox News) you're just not getting the whole story.

Is that all? I'm clearly not watching enough TV.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Next Lost Death?

From the NY Times Article (March 14):

The killing isn't over, either: the casts of "The Shield," "Everwood," "ER"
and, again, "Lost" and "24," will be culled by the end of May.
Another Lost death?? And we know its not Ana Lucia because DL has officially stated she will not be dying this season... then who???

Jimmy Bond?

Casino Royale is coming up soon with new Bond Daniel Craig. This is supposed to be the 007 story that started it all... read this article for details.

Black & White intro? No License to Kill? Bond in love?? Will this be more Batman Begins (great), or Star Wars Episodes 1 - 3 (totally disappointing)? I'm intrigued by the concept that they are trying to go back, but by showing a movie this year (2006), does that mean there won't be a 007 movie in 2007, as originally planned? That would be a shame.

WSJ Explains All

There was an article in the WSJ this morning that explained why cell phones are currently banned from airplanes... they interfere with the plane's GPS and can give false readings...

If a little cell phone can do all that, then its possible that a modified cell-phone looking device could have veered Flight 815 off in the first place! We're told that we're missing some big clue from the Pilot... I wonder if we see anyone on a cell-phone in one of the opening scenes??

Monday, March 13, 2006

Not Quite Right

So in this ever so long hiatus, I've been wondering about this Sydney/Vaughn dilemna... how Vaughn isn't really Vaughn, and he's been hiding this huge secret from Sydney for as long as he's known her.

Something isn't sitting well with me... during the whole Season 3 ordeal with the Syd/Vaughn/Lauren love trinagle, and the Vaughn & Lauren parallelisms to Jack & Irena, Vaughn was portrayed as the betrayed husband. We saw his anger towards Lauren at the end of Season 3, and just how much he was affected emotionally in the beginning of Season 4 ("Ice"). However, now we find out, he was doing the exact same thing to Sydney the whole time... we'd like to think that Vaughn really does love Sydney, however, after he found out that his wife was actually a double agent, cheating on her husband and her country, it would make sense that Vaughn would realize how much it hurts to be lied to, and tell Syd the truth right away. Why did it take more than a season from Vaughn finding out about Lauren to Vaughn confessing to Sydney?

Hopefully we'll get an answer to this... 37 days and counting!

Friday, March 10, 2006

'Nuff Said

For all you Project Runway Fans!
(Credit to T for finding this fantastic photo.)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sons & Daughters....

.... is NOTHING like Arrested Development. Because AD was funny. LMAO Funny. S&D is not funny. At all. I shut it off after 5 minutes.

Made a choice to TiVo S&D (while watching Scrubs) instead of The Unit... Scott Foley's new show. Next week, I'm going to try it out. Besides the bonus of being able to write an infinite number of bad puns on the title, its being called Alias on testosterone. Have I learned my lesson about watching shows simply because of the great show they are compared to (a la S&D)? No of course not. I believe in making the same mistake over and over and over and over again.

Speaking of making the same mistakes again, I watched the season premier of Beautiful People on ABC Family. Writing/Acting/Everything is still as awful as it was last season... but don't worry, I'll be making my usual complaints as I watch the rest of the season. The only good point of the hour was when I saw a preview for the made-for-TV movie The Cutting Edge 2, with Disney Star, Christy Carlson Romano. Consider the TiVo set.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Girl Chloe

Unlike T, I don't really care either way that Edgar is dead - I certainly don't think it helps/takes away from the story line. Yes, his character was annoying, but in a somewhat endearing way... not enough to actually *be* endearing, but just enough to balance out his annoyingness so that you didn't care about him.

HOWEVER, Chole really proved herself as a great character last episode. Kim Bauer's (lackluster) return was so annoying - creating an immediate dislike for the character. (Again, I have only watched Seasons 1, 4, and now 5... Kim was annoying in S1 and did not star in S4). I'm sorry - but if a loved one you thought was dead re-appears, first you rejoice, and then you discuss. The fact that she ordered her father out of the room because "she can't give him what he needs" is appalling. When Chloe called her out on being a total b*tch to Jack, I was so happy. Passive Aggressive bullshit is probably the most annoying quality in a person, and Kim is all about that. I would enjoy a situation where Chloe had to shoot/torture Kim because Kim turned out to be evil.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can This be Serious?

24 Fans Heart Edgar

Let me make this very clear. Anybody who was a regular watcher of 24 hated Edgar for his sniveling whiney personality. For him to be referred to as a "fan favorite" is patently absurd. Count me among the people that wished his death were more painful (would it have killed them to make even more gruesome? He just fell down like a 400 lb sack of potatoes).

I am looking forward to future episodes without him.

Now, if they only could figure out a way to make Chloe perish in a raging inferno. . .

Sun Pregnant - Who Really Killed Shannon?

Okay... so just finished reading Kristen's chat transcript... and it said that Sun is pregnant (duh) and... (this is the good part)... the Others couldn't be happier? This would make sense, considering the obsession with all the children on the island, but here's my question:

If Shannon were still alive, her and Sayid would be having a lot of "private" time in the love shack, and there is a very limited amount of profilactics on the island (although who knows what's in the hatch)... eventually, there is a good chance that Shannon would get pregnant.

Think of all the kids we know who have already gotten taken: Walt (both his parents were Black), Alex (we assume both her parents were White/French), Aaron (both his parents were White/Australian)... and if Jin and Sun were to have a baby that was going to make the Others "happy", that means they might try and take the new baby, whose parents would both be Korean.

Now, back to the original thought of Shannon getting pregnant... if she were to have a baby, the baby would be half White/American and half Iraqi... this does not fit with the theme of the children that were taken... there has already been a lot of speculation as to whether Ana Lucia really killed Shannon (and although I know the majority decision was that she did in fact shoot her, there is still some doubt about hearing a second gunshot.) But what if the Others shot Shannon framing Ana Lucia, or at least created the condition that would make Ana Lucia shoot either Sayid or Shannon (they started the whispering) so that they could not have a "hybrid" baby? I have no clue where to go from here, but I think I could be on to something!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Maternity Leave

Okay, so I haven't had a chance to write about the AMAZING Lost episode from last week, "Maternal Instinct." Lost writers *actually* answered some questions for us. Here's what I got:

1. We know what happened to Claire during her kidnapping (sort of.)
2. We know Danielle's daughter Alex is still alive (maybe.)
3. We know Danielle saved Claire and is therefore good (probably.)
4. We know that Zeke/Mr. Friendly is not really an island refugee (yes - this one is for sure!)

But of course, the reason we love this show is because of the questions it raised:

1. Is Alex good or bad - Danielle only had her for a few weeks before she was kidnapped by the Others... she was raised by them... how would she know to "help" Claire? I have a feeling this was a set up!

2. Henry Gale is an Other! (Or at least not innocent!) Or is he? When he started playing mind games with Locke, that was all I needed as proof. (Alright, I already believed that after the smirk to Sayid!) But, what's this I'm hearing/seeing of (spoiler alert - highlight to read!) his hot air balloon being found in the jungle???

3. There is no way that Claire was just there 20 days before (estimate courtesy of many posters on the Lost boards!) and there are shadows of the hangings on the concrete walls... either: a) the floating time theory is true or b) this is not the first time they have used the nursury, its been there for awhile or c) something happned to cause it... i.e. an explosion. I feel like I understand the hasty departure of the DHARMA team... once Claire "escaped" she was eventually going to remember what happened and find the hatch, so they had to leave. But it's a little *too* convenient that they left the costume... it is definitely a plant in my opinion!

4. If the "others" are really in costume - then why did the Tailies see them walking around barefoot on their way to the Survivors' camp? For the benefit of the kids/people they kidnapped?

5. WHO IS "HE"????

God - there are a million more questions, but I can't remember them all. Great episode. Much better than some of the going-nowhere ones we had earlier this season (i.e. Hurley's & Charlie's.)

BP 2

Oh my god - please help me. T just informed me that another season of Beautiful People (ABC Family) is starting tonight. I am going to try my hardest to not watch...

... but on the other hand, I am interested to see what's going on with the Nicky/Giddeon/Sophie love triangle... and if Daddy Kerr is really going to take the girls away from Lynn... and if Karen can get over her stalker/attacker... AARGH!!! TERRIBLE SHOW! DON'T WATCH SO IT WILL GET CANCELLED WHICH WILL HELP ME GET OVER THIS!!!!


Let me start out with - I am *not* a fan of watching the Oscars - the only reason I tuned in was for Jon Stewart. I thought that he was awesome (as usual!) last night, but I didn't feel he was that well received... I wonder if he's like Seinfeld, meaning you really have to be from this area (New York/Tri-State) to understand his humor.

On another note, Charlize Theron and Joaquin Phoenix were really annoying me - they could barely crack a smile for anything. They reminded me of the Oscars where I started hating Russell Crowe based on his apathetic behavior in the audience.... it made me glad that neither of them won.

The only other presenter that amused me was Ben Stiller and his green jumpsuit! I enjoyed the fact that "for the first time in history, the Oscar will be presented... by nobody."

Friday, March 03, 2006

Upcoming Shows That Intrigue Me

Alright - there a few shows coming up in the near and distant future that I'm excited for:

Sons & Daughters - this show is being lauded as the "new Arrested Development", without being over the top. These initial reviews really scared me away from this show - the whole reason I love AD is *because* it is over the top! But after reading more reviews, I think this show can be funny on its own terms, as long as it can escape the shadow of AD. Read this Roush Review. I think the timeslot is ABC, Tuesdays @ 9 (Series Premier: March 7)

Heros - now THIS is a show I can get into! By previous entries, you must know by now that I love my superheros!! (Smallville, X-Men, Batman... list goes on!) This show is about everyday people learning about the extraordinary abilities they possess. Ausiello has a great summary of it here. It seems like this show will have my two favorite traits (which I'm sure you can guess by now!!): character development, and long-term plot (and of course a deliciously evil bad guy!) It won't be premiering until Fall 2006 on NBC, but I am already excited for it. Details to follow!!!

Las Vegas On Tonight!

Don't forget that Las Vegas is on at its new night tonight - Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

Although I'm very upset about the move from Mondays to Fridays (aka "the timeslot where shows go to die") - Las Vegas is a really "getting ready to go out" show; good looking people, fun environment, great music - just tune it while you're pre-gaming!

Battlestar Galactica

Okay - just finished up the mini-series that leads to Season 1 last night - and I am totally frackkin' hooked. What a great start - I just knew I would love it!

Its funny, I'm normally not into the "space & robot" types of sci-fi. Never watched a full episode of Star Trek in my life let alone one of the movies and the phrase "Danger Will Robinson" never meant much to me. However - this show, although is both in space and has "killer robots" (they Cylons) really doesn't seem science fiction-y to me. Again, this show seems to be about character development (one of my favorite themes!) And also, it seems very pro-woman, which of course, I love (the best fighter pilot is a woman, the president is a woman, the main evil genius cylon is a woman.) I have to say, the last scene of the mini-series (the mass funeral scene) got a little cheesy, but from what I've read, the ongoing series is much better than the starting mini-series, so I'm not worried.

Go get the DVDs and catch up! Season 2 is ending tonight (I believe). And they start shooting Season 3 in April.

Its sad - I chose to Netflix Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy instead of Season 1 of Battlestar this weekend... talk about hindsight being 20/20.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Scrubs Line

Alright - one more quick post for today, because I really am having problems concentrating:

How awesome was Scrubs last night? I loved the little slap in the face to Grey's Anatomy:

"Its like our life. But on TV."

(Or something like that - I'm sure T can post the exact line.)

Alias Press Release from ABC

Just in:

Jennifer Garner stars in her Golden Globe Award-winning role as CIA agent Sydney Bristow in this non-stop thrill ride through espionage, adventure and heart-wrenching drama. The electrifying return event includes the birth of Sydney's baby and reappearance of Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan).

Upcoming episodes will reveal the outcome of Sloane's unholy alliance in his search for the cure for daughter Nadia (Mia Maestro) and the endgame of the Rambaldi prophecy. Other familiar faces from the past will crop up in Sydney's life - for better or worse -- including best friend Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper), mother Irina Derevko (Lena Olin), and nemeses Julian Sark (David Anders) and Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres). The series, which is filmed in Los Angeles and premiered on September 30, 2001, is from Touchstone Television.

Reappearance of Vaughn???? Does that mean he's definitely alive??????

2 New Shows

So, I've started watching 2 out of 3 of the new series I'm willing to get hooked on: Battlestar Galactica and Grey's Anatomy (in case you were wondering, the third series that I want to see but haven't yet had a chance to yet is Veronica Mars.)

I guess there are three types of shows I really like: Continual Mystery Plot Lines (Alias, Invasion, Lost), Hour Long Comedy/Drama (Desperate Housewives, Las Vegas, Commander in Chief), and Quirky Comedies (How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Arrested Development).

Grey's Anatomy seems to fall in the "Hour Long Comedy/Drama" category - kind of the guilty pleasure. I'm definitely enjoying the shows I've watched so far (starting with the superbowl episode) and I'm excited for the Season 1 DVD which should be arriving via Netflix this weekend, however, its not the type of show that I'm sorry that I haven't been watching from the beginning. Acting is good (Meredith is a little squint-y, a la Rene Zellwegger), but nothing is blowing me away. Am I going to keep watching? Of course! Its a pretty good show! But its not like it will be a good substitute for Alias.

As for Battlestar Galactica - I've only watched the first hour of the mini-series that led to the actual sci-fi channel show, but it is (as expected) amazing! The characters are complex, the plot line is rich, the writing and acting is superb, and of course, I love the continual plot line of the whole thing. I'm hoping to finish the 4 hour mini-series by next week and start Season 1 soon.

Quick Poll: What's your favorite category of show?