Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Boys

As M mentioned in her post below, TBS's new comedy My Boys is seriously funny. It's actually good- unlike most other comedies on tv right now (with the exception of The Office, Scrubs, HIMYM, Earl.... yup, I think I got them all). If you're not watching this yet, search for the show- 4 episodes have aired so far- I'm sure TBS is running them pretty much all the time during the week.

I'm just loving everything about this show so far. The conversations don't seem forced- in fact, the "hook up" conversation from last night's ep is one I've actually had- and the chemistry between the characters is great. I'm loving the PJ-Bobby relationship- even though I think PJ will ultimately end up with best friend/roommate Brendan- and I'm sure the introduction of the grown up new guy last night will make next week's episodes hilarious.

I do have to throw in this warning for guys- as I was laughing out loud during last night's episodes (TBS is airing 2 new eps each Tuesday night), my fiance walked in the room, listened for a couple of minutes, then said, "Your show is stupid. This is like what girls think guys sit around and talk about." Really, I think he just found fault with the voiceover- the metaphors can be a bit much by the end of the episode, but it's no different than the Carrie voiceovers from Sex and the City.

So bottom line- watch this show. It's really funny and just a simple, straightforward comedy. And let's be honest, what else are you watching on Tuesday nights at 10pm?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Minute Recap

Where have I been, you ask? Dying a slow death by going through the b-school application process. But here's a two minute recap of Fall 06 TV, just as it's wrapping up for the year:

Sundays: DH is better than ever, that was a great creepy ending last week with Lynette, and I actually like Bree's psychotic husband this season. B&S started off slow for me, but now I love it, especially since we've ditched the where's the money story line for the where's rachel one.

Mondays: Possibly my favorite night of TV... HIMYM is funnier than ever (I think I busted a gut over the Swarley episode.) Then my 2 new fave shows Heroes and Studio 60 back to back make it a great night. They are both amazing and I'm so glad that NBC had the faith to pick up Studio 60. Don't watch the new show on TBS, 10 Items or Less... not funny.

Tuesdays: Dropped Jericho and FNL because although I wanted to like it, it turns out I didn't. Smith was rightfully cancelled... so we're just left with our beloved Veronica Mars (which marks the first time in history I've LOVED a new intro song.) Oh, and also TBS' other original comedy My Boys started this past week - catch a repeat if you haven't seen it - I love it.

Wednesdays: Lost's the mini-season didn't answer bubkiss, so I guess we'll have to wait until Feb. Although I love Juliet and Ben as the Others. Enjoying Daybreak, and what makes it great is knowing that it wraps up in 13 weeks. Top Chef is good, but there is no clear M fave like Harold from last year. I was liking the Nine, but I guess it's cancelled so oh well.

Thursdays: By far the busiest night of the week!!! NBC has an awesome new line up starting this week: Earl, Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock (and yes I like 30 Rock.) Then there's my other new fave show, Ugly Betty - this show is awesome and I love Betty (especially now that I share her orhtodontic pain somewhat.) Then we have perrenial fave Smallville. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy, but mostly because I'm a girl and I feel like a social outcast if I don't. And The OC is back and amazing!! I'm glad they killed off Marissa because the show is better for it.

Fridays: Las Vegas is rocking Fridays, and I'm happy to TiVo and watch on Saturday mornings. Also, can BSG get ANY better?? Its such an amazing show, I can't believe more people don't watch!! Vanished was banished here for awhile, but I believe you now have to watch the final few eps on a MySpace page or something. I'll get around to it on the holidays, or maybe on netflix.

THERE - are you happy now K?????

Monday, October 30, 2006

Studio 60 Cancelled?

People, you need to start watching Studio 60. I am not kidding. I'm seeing reports that its cancellation may be any day now. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! It's not on tonight (FNL is taking over its spot), but tune in next Monday @ 10pm!,2933,226092,00.html

Friday, October 27, 2006

Bored at Work?

Then check out this site, which lists some of the best tv-related websites around...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And So It Begins...

I was seriously mad at Veronica Mars last night. Yeah, we get it. Veronica and Logan aren't going to make it. They're going to break up and Piz is going to win over V. But really, I can't handle watching those two fight. I get that they're not meant to be together right now (I refuse to accept that they're not meant to be together ever) - and Kristin Bell can't seem to stop talking about how she would never date a guy like Logan (see,6115,1546673_3_0_,00.html). But here's the thing: I love them together, you love them together, everyone wants them to stay together. It's frustrating watching their relationship unfold when we've seen so little. Think about it - there was two, maybe three episodes in the first season when they first got together. Then a couple more last season (including that faux-prom episode in Logan's hotel room when he drunkenly confessed his love... best. moment. ever. between those two). But that's it. I'm just hoping that we'll get to see a little more love between V&L before RT splits them up....again.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Ok, we're a few weeks into the fall season now. This has been an unusually good premiere season and, as a result, the number of hours I'm spending in front of the tv is at an all time high! I've been forced to cut some shows I otherwise would have given a chance - below are the shows that are still in my DVR:


Desperate Housewives - Definitely better this season. I still don't really care about the overarching mystery with Orson (so he killed his wife... or he didn't.... and Bree once again is with a deranged psycho... I don't care). But overall the plotlines are much better - except for Lynette and Tom - seriously, dump him. Stop supporting him and make him get a job!!

Brothers & Sisters - I'm not entirely sure why I'm still watching this show, especially with all of the other choices out there. It's pretty soapy, and definitely melodramatic. In fact, last night a friend even asked if I was watching SoapNet. But for now I don't see better alternatives on Sundays, so I'm sticking with it. It's a good background show.


Heroes - My favorite new show. The show keeps getting better, and I'm liking the pace - it's not too slow, the characters are interesting, and though the show raises 5 questions for each answer it provides, I'm loving it.

Studio 60 - I still really like this show. I'm hoping the show gets picked up for an entire season (about a 50/50 chance I've read, as the ratings drop a little lower every week). The Matt-Harriett storyline is grating on my nerves a little bit, but that was to be expected.

Prison Break - The initial infatuation has definitely worn off. I still really like this show, but in a 24 kind of way. One week it's edge of your seat fantastic, the next week the stories are so outrageous I'm mad at myself for even watching (well, to be fair, the stories are often outrageous, but the episodes are just too uneven - again, much like 24).

What About Brian - I was one of the few people who saw every episode last spring. I didn't think the show was good - in fact, I spent most of the hour yelling at evil Deena (really, an open marriage? What did you think would happen? Stupid, stupid woman). Last week's premiere was a *slight* improvement over last season. I'll keep watching because I'm already sucked in for some bizarre reason, but I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into my Beautiful People (see M's unexplicable obssession with that show - and sadly, I already have a really bad show I'm into). Maybe the new characters they're adding will make things better.


Gilmore Girls - So I guess this season is better than the disasterous season we just had - but it's still not as great as a few years ago, which makes it hard to watch at times for me (much like Alias - the first and second seasons were so great, and the next three really didn't compare - sometimes not at all - so that while season 3 is good in comparison to seasons 4 and 5, it still doesn't hold a candle at all to season 2... and by the last season I still loved the show for what it was and watched it out of loyalty, but the final 8 episodes might as well be a different show from the first couple of seasons).

Veronica Mars - I'm liking the mini-mysteries. It's only been 2 episodes, but so far VM is as good as ever. We've only seen one episode of Piz, and I'm sad to say that I didn't totally despise him. He and Wallace are cute together, and it's sweet how he's already totally in love with Veronica (seriously though, who wouldn't be????) He better not be the reason Veronica and Logan break up (I have confidence in Rob Thomas that he won't be) . I'm definitely dreading "bad Logan" - I'm a big LoVe fan - and all I can say is that RT better give us more scenes with V&L together, as it's common knowledge he's breaking them up soon!!


Lost - How great is the start of this season?!!! The season premiere was fantastic, and last week's Sun/Jin centered episode was a great follow up. I initially questioned why we were getting Sun & Jin in week 2 when we haven't even seen Locke/Eko/Charlie yet (this week's episode will be a Locke flashback), but it totally worked. We're meeting the 2 new characters this week, and I can't wait to see where this season is heading.

The Nine - I haven't had a chance to see this show yet. I have the first 2 episodes on DVR waiting for me, and I've heard great things from M about it, so I'm looking forward to it!!


Grey's Anatomy - Last week's episode is what Grey's does best - it was funny (see, Meredith getting high on pain medication and talking about all her boyfriends) and also incredibly sad (Izzie with Denny's dad - it definitely had me tearing up). This show can do no wrong in my opinion.

Ugly Betty - Probably the funniest new show so far. I was laughing out loud during Betty's makeover last week, especially when she was walking down the street with Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" playing.


Battlestar Gallactica - I finally caved. M's been raving about this show for a while now, and I didn't entirely believe her when she said it wasn't that sci-fi heavy. I trusted that this wasn't Star Trek (we both are so not fans!), but still, a show with that title on the Sci-Fi network? Suspect. But I finally sat down with the mini-series and the first two seasons a few weeks ago. It took me a while to get into it, but now I'm totally hooked. The new season is amazing - my only complaint is that I need more!! I'm used to watching it on the DVD so this one hour a week thing is killing me!! But seriously, you should try this show. I am really not into sci-fi (shows like Grey's Anatomy are much more my speed), but this show is really well written, and the characters are amazing. Watch it!!!!

As you can see, my tv schedule is pretty stacked right now. I haven't included all of the old favorites I'm still watching (e.g. The Office), and this list isn't even counting the new shows I want to watch but haven't had a chance to yet (The Nine, 30 Rock). I didn't even give a chance to some new shows since I was already feeling overwhelmed (Friday Night Lights), and I'm hoping I made the right decisions!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hiro Worship

Ok, I'm officially loving Heroes. And Hiro is maybe the funniest new character of the season. Seriously, how cute was it when he was running down the streets in NYC yelling "Hello!"

After watching the second episode, I immediately thought that the mythology of this show could be as good as Lost. I kid you not. The show appears to be giving you a lot of information in each episode (well, in the first two episodes at least!), and then in the last few minutes challenges each new discovery. For instance, can Hiro really teleport? Or can he only see the future? And is Niki really a good person (after all, she did kill those mob guys in self defense), or has she killed before - what was up with that burial spot with a body already there?? And finally, the greatest mystery of all presented last night - who is Sylar? I think it's too obvious that it's Claire's creepy adopted father - though how scary is it that he knows about Claire's powers?!!

Clearly, the show presents a lot of questions.... like Lost. I can't wait for the answers, though I'm sure, Lost-style, it'll be a slow and painful process getting any. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Weiss- er, I mean Matt-- last night's episode didn't give us too much backstory on him, and I'm curious to see how he'll fit in with the rest of the characters.

If you want more backstory, check this out: - it appears that NBC is posting a new graphic novel each week. I haven't read them yet, but maybe they'll provide a little more information!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Grey's Week 2

How awesome was GA last night??? My guess is even better if you didn't read the spoilers and know about a) Meredith's non-choice (go Meredith!! I don't think I could be happier with the result of the McVet-McDreamy dilemma... at least, for now!), and b) the surprise return of McSteamy. But I did, and I still was like, HOLY CRAP! when McSteamy came out of that bathroom looking way too hot in a towel, saying "this is awkward."

As I'm not sure I can adequately blog about this episode, which I thought was just so amazing for so many of the characters (least of all Izzie and Bailey - I swear, I was tearing up when Bailey said, "No more muffins") - well, I'm directing you to the best post-Grey's reading out there - - it's a blog from the Grey's writers, posted the day following the episode. Seriously, nothing I can say here isn't covered by them so check it out!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spoiled Rotten

How much spoilage is too much? That's a lesson that I'm slowly learning. I love reading spoilers, but I only like to go to boards that don't give away *too* much - afterall, as a TV lover, I do like the experience of a twist!

However, there is a user on the ABC Lost Message Boards that seems to be an ex-member of the writing team. There are almost a thousand posts on this board - a lot of them devoted to called the user (Lost_Explained_2006) a fraud, a phony and a complete joke. I, myself, was a little skeptical, which is why I started reading in the first place... I figured that there would be no way that this guy could have any real information... HOWEVER, I started reading a page or two (and there's now more than 30 pages of posts)... and this guy is either playing a really elaborate and well-thoughtout hoax, or he's the REAL DEAL. And I am now tending to believe the latter. If you check his post dates against information released from the Lost Experience ARG, he's been right so far. Another sign that points to his expertise was that he had conflicting information with Kristen from eOnline (about in which episode Rodrigo Santoro's character would appear), and according to an ABC news release today, HE WAS RIGHT and Kristen was wrong.

If you have some time to burn, and you really, really want to risk knowing MAJOR spoilers and nit-picky details (which may or may not be true!) try reading this post. You can either read through the questions and answers that have already been posted, or post questions yourself:

AGAIN, a warning that this is the stuff for spoiler JUNKIES, and be really careful if you go there - it's quite addictive, and seems to be really accurate. The only thing he wouldn't spoil was the big secret finale at the end of episode 6, that is supposed to change the nature of the show.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Early Christmas Present

For you Veronica Mars fans out there, you can catch the season premiere a week early (i.e. TODAY!!) on MSN here:

So exciting!! The televised premiere airs next Tuesday, October 3 on the CW.

I'm Tired!

Last night was a mini tv marathon for me. I was trying to catch up on some shows I missed last week (Smith), while also catching the original episodes of my Monday favorites (Prison Break, Heroes (though it premiered last night, there really was no question as to whether this would be a favorite!) and Studio 60). Needless to say, four one-hour long shows is a lot, even for me. So you ask, what did I think of these shows? Well.....

Smith: I'm confused. Am I supposed to like any of these characters? The antihero, the always creepy Ray Liotta, did not instill much love. And Amy Smart, who I normally like, was just so violently evil... I'm not sure I could like her either. The only one I felt any good wishes towards was Joe, the guy who brought poor Sean into the gang. Seriously though, did anyone not see his death coming a while away? Big gambling debt, plus Ray Liotta going Goodfellas crazy on him in an alley - please, he was a goner from 20 minutes into the show. I am intrigued by Bobby's wife, who is (secretly?) a recovering drug addict on parole. I'm guessing Bobby knows about this. I was actually hoping that she would turn out to be an undercover cop or something. I don't know, I'll give this show another chance, but I was overall disappointed.

Prison Break: Tbag is just too creepy. I really don't want to think about what he did or didn't do to that desperate housewife before Michael busted in. The last couple of weeks have been a little slow I thought, though I am happy Sucre is back with the gang. And Mahone is great - in a completely different way (i.e. not creepy) than he was in Invasion last season. I'm loving that he's on to Michael - you know it's just a matter of time before he finds that website. Can't wait to see what Michael does to retailiate and slow the FBI guy down.

Heroes: I really loved this premiere. As someone who has never read a comic book ever, I was a little worried, based on reading some of the entertainment blogs, that this show would be too comic-fan friendly. So far, so good. My favorite character has got to be Hiro, the hilarious Japanese character who can teleport and bend time. I loved his interaction with his coworker friend, who just wanted to be the same as everyone else (nice touch with the karaoke - I always appreciate a karaoke seen in a tv show!). And Milo Ventiblahblah (let's just call him Jess, because until his name from this show sticks he'll be Jess from Gilmore Girls to me) could also be a great character - interesting that his brother is somehow tied into his power. I don't know what to make of Niki, the internet stripper/porn girl who's special power seems to involve brutally killing mob bosses. All in all, I really liked all of these characters, and could write a lot more about what I think of them (for instance, can someone please stop Claire from testing her indestructibility? I really don't need to see her mangled hand after she puts it down the garbage disposal!). For more information as to the possible link(s) between all the characters, I recommend checking out (the watercooler recap of last night's episode wasn't bad) and kristin's column on

Studio 60: Still my favorite new show. I'm loving Jordan more this week ("I raised the bar high? Sorry, clear it."). The only thing that may annoy me is the Matt-Harriet storyline, if that romance gets dragged out across seasons. But I have faith in Sorkin - this show, especially this week, feels so much like the good years of the West Wing that I may have to start watching the reruns again on Bravo!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday's with M

So far we've been drawn in (Studio 60) and recoiled (6 Degrees)... what's in store for the continuation of the fall premieres??

Season Premiere Watch

Heroes (NBC)

M says: Um, watch this!!!!


Boston Legal (ABC)
Help Me Help You (ABC)
Gilmore Girls (CW)

M says: The only one that grabs my interest is GG, but I am still in the middle of Season 2 on DVD... it's just too much for me to catch up on, so I'll probably end up having to watch the whole thing. For those of you who are worried about the Palladino team leaving - don't. All critics agree that the show is in capable hands and better than ever.

One Tree Hill (CW)

M Says: I don't really care.

Ugly Betty (ABC)
Smallville (CW)
Supernatural (CW)

M says: I am so excited for the return of Smallville. I have also been super-psyched about the series premiere of Ugly Betty. However, I now have a conflict that the TiVo isn't equipped for. My strategy: watch/TiVo Earl/Office with Smallville. Watch Ugly Betty on ABC's free online video player over the weekend HERE.

All of Us (CW)
Everybody Hate's Chris (CW)
Girlfriends (CW)
The Game (CW)

M says: The UPN returns in the minority spot.

M's Weekly Spotlight:

Monday: Heroes (NBC), Studio 60 (NBC)

Tuesday: Dead Like Me (SciFi), Eureka (SciFi)

Wednesday: Jericho (CBS), Project Runway (Bravo)

Thursday: Smallville (CW), Ugly Betty (ABC)

Sunday: Desparate Housewives (ABC)


1. The Lost Experience is over! Rachel Blake is Alvar Hanso's daughter! He's being held captive by his next-in-line Thomas Mittlework! Watch Lost!

I Am An Idiot

One of the things I like best about Grey's Anatomy is the tight lid Shonda Rhimes keeps on all of the storylines. So when you do hear spoilers, you assume that Shonda and the writing team has leaked them, and there's something even better coming in the episode because there's no way they'd leak the good stuff.

Well the whole system falls apart when viewers see an episode they're not supposed to and post the spoilers, and idiots like myself read them because we have no self-restraint.

Canada "accidentally" (they're calling it a satellite feed error) aired episode 2 intead of episode 1 last week. Episode 2 was supposed to be the first episode of the season, but then ABC requested the switch because they thought it was a bit confusing, and they wanted Shonda to tell more backstory to attract even more viewers. Also, all of my favorite bloggers (e.g. Ausiello, Kristin from E!) say that episode 2 is WAY better than episode 1

As I said before, I have no self restraint. If you don't either, here's a link filled with spoilers that basically recaps the entire episode:

Recap: Premiere Week 1

In no particular order, here's my take on the series premieres and returns from last week:

Grey's Anatomy - Oh how I missed this show. I thought Izzie was the highlight of this episode - I was more interested in watching her grieve over Denny than watching the "who will Meredith choose" bit. Come on now, if you read any of the entertainment websites at all, or even have watched a tv show in the past with the star-crossed lover thing, you know the answer to that one. But Izzie was more of a shock for me - she frustrated me endlessly with her whining at the end of last season, but I was totally loving her in this ep - she definitely had me near tears at several moments. As for the rest of the episode... The flashbacks were a good idea - I especially liked seeing Meredith & McDreamy meeting at the bar for the first time and the McDreamy & Addison fight scene. Also, though I was getting a little sick of the Meredith-McDreamy will-they-or-won't-they-be-together thing, the speech at the end of the episode when he told her to take her time, because when he had a choice to make he chose wrong - oh my god, swoon. I was dying. And poor Finn - his hat's in the ring - but he has no chance.

Studio 60 - Love this show. It's by far my favorite of the new shows so far, just as I expected. I loved the Aaron Sorkin years of the West Wing, and this show has that same feel to it. I love the fast pace, great characters (it doesn't hurt that Josh Lyman is back - my favorite from WW - yay!) and overall storyline. Amanda Peet is a great surprise - I've liked her since Jack & Jill - but I never thought she was an especially good actress. Well here, with Sorkin's dialogue to work from, I'm loving her character so far.

The Office - How hilarious is Dwight? I have nothing but great things to say about this show. If you're not watching it, WHY NOT??? It's definitely the best comedy on right now (and I say right now because Scrubs isn't back til January - but don't make me choose then!).

Desperate Housewives - Saw the premiere last night. It was better than most of the garbage they gave us last season, but I'll never love this show. Even season 1, which was clearly the golden year, I wasn't as enamored as the rest of the country. I thought Susan was surprisingly good, and even touching in her scenes with comatose Mike. The Lynette-other woman storyline is already getting on my nerves - Tom is so weak there is no way a woman as strong as Lynette should be with him. Yes, I'm a Tom-hater. I'm looking forward to when Bree's son comes back, but overall I'm not that interested in the Orson storyline.

Brothers & Sisters - I liked this show more than I thought I would. It doesn't hurt that there are a ton of cute guys to look at in this huge Alias-filled cast. Balthazar Getty's character is already more interesting than the Tom character he played on the last season of Alias. And Calista Flockhart was great. It appears to be a theme this season to have a female cast member play a Republican and for those politics to be a plot device (see Sarah Paulson's character on Studio 60) , but I'm okay with that. I'm looking forward to seeing where this show's going to go.

Prison Break - I'm really kicking myself for not watching the first season of this great show. I'll have to get the DVD and spend a weekend catching up. I've been watching since it premiered, and I have to say I see why everyone loves this show. It's well written and the kind of show where you're screaming at the end because you want more. I still can't keep track of everyone's name (which makes reading about the show difficult!), but seriously, if you're not watching this show, start!! It's really good stuff.

Vanished - I've lost interest. I'll probably watch this show in passing throughout the season, but I'm so over the story. Ooh Sara is kidnapped and has a mysterious past. Well she's gonna remain kidnapped or there's no show, and not even I can deal with a storyline that moves that slowly.

Six Degress - I haven't watched the premiere yet, but looking forward to it. I'll report back post-watching!

Looking forward to this week... Gilmore Girls finally returns with the Lauralei and Christopher debacle (though I am clearly in the minority on this one, I love those 2 together - Luke & Lauralei have zero chemistry and I'm sick of watching their awkward scenes!!) ... Heroes premiers tonight - can't wait! ... and Ugly Betty premieres on Thursday - I'm really hoping this show lives up to the hype.

And don't think I've forgotten about Veronica Mars - that doesn't premiere until October 3, but I can't wait!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Midweek with M

Holy Smokes, Scooby... lots has happened, and a cool Lost Update!

Watched Studio 60 on NBC (10pm)... Wow these guys can talk FAST! It makes Gilmore Girls seem like a snail paced show. however, I thought it was the best Pilot I've seen so far (including topping my fave pilot so far, Heroes). The only other one I think that might be better may be The Nine (ABC, premiers Oct 4, 10pm), so I'm keeping an open mind. Basically Chandler... um, I mean, Matt Ablie and Danny Tripp(Bradley Whitford) are doing the buddy cop thing, but in a Network TV environment... and boy do they do it well - there haven't been best buddies like this since Kate & Allie. Then there's Wings' Steve Weber being evil Studio exec, who's very.. um, evil. And finally Amanda Peet plays Jordan Something, who does a great job except for that weird looks she makes at the end of every scene... like SNL, I think the weekly guest will always add some amusement (good work for week 1 Felicity Huffman!) Definitely catch this one, but you might need some coffee to keep up.

HIMYM came back with a great episode... except lovey-dovey Robin & Ted may get annoying real soon. NPH was exceptionally awesome: "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and start being awesome. True story." How I missed you, Mother!

The Class had it's official series premiere. If you watched it and more importantly liked it, leave this website right now. I mean IMMEDIATELY: you have a terrible sense of humor and you're just not welcome here.

Tried watching much anticipated Smith, however, I was incredibly lost by about minute 3. I did turn it off, but didn't delete it from my TiVo. You know my rule - give an iffy pilot three episodes before you decide whether to watch it or not. Will let you know how it goes next week

Watched the premiere of Jericho - great stuff. I knew I would like it! It is very dark and depressing... reminds me of 1994, when I would tune into MSCL just to have a good cry (what happened to you, Claire Danes?) Basically, the pilot set up the series, so it the acting and scearios weren't A+ work, however, the premise really got to me, especially in this day and age. PS: Did you catch the accent of the president on the television. Bravo.

I also watched the tail end of Spanglish, one of my all time fave movies. If you haven't see Adam Sandler in this star-crossed lovers tear-jerker, add it to your queue immediately!!!

Tonight (Thursday)
Finally, the resolution of the Jim/Pam stolen kiss!!! Too bad the NYTimes already ruined it for unassuming readers... but it's still going to be great. Earl also comes back tonight... I'm a little concerned because the producers said that they want to take less focus from the list, which is the whole premise of the show!! Let's see how it goes.

And finally, what every girl has been waiting for all summer (with the exception of me, I guess), the return of Grey's Anatomy. If it isn't already obvious who's going to choose who, then that's your fault, and I won't spoil it. However, if you watch tonight, you'll find that 3 people are in bed with people they're not supposed to be... interesting. I'll be attending one of the millions of Grey's parties tonight at my sister's apartment.

Finally, the much anticipated conclusion of The Lost Experience!!!! We now know the background of the Hanso Foundation, and what DHARMA stands for. We know the origin of the numbers, and perhaps the purpose and location of the island... but now, the game is coming to exciting conclusion with a DJ Dan Podcast on September 24th.

To catch up, visit:
To hear the conclusion:

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Daily Show Reminder

As a part of their Indecision 2006 coverage, Bill Clinton will be on The Daily Show tonight (Comedy Central, 11pm EST.)

Mondays with M

Looks like the premiers are really getting underway this week... but the best ones are being saved for October (i.e. Lost & Battlestar)

Season Premiere Watch

CSI: Miami (CBS)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
The Class (CBS)
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
Two And A Half Men (CBS)

M Says: CBS has a comedy in HIMYM, but Christine and Men don't seem worth time. The Class is pretty bad (not as bad as 'Til Death) and one of the leading characters sounds as if she has a speech impediment.

Smith (CBS)
The Unit (CBS)
Law & Order CI (NBC)
Law & Order SVU (NBC)

M Says: I'm pretty excited about Smith, as I love crime capers and I love Ray Liotta. I gave up on the Unit, but still think it was a pretty good show, but definitely aimed more at the CSI/L&O crowd.

Criminal Minds (CBS)
Jericho (CBS)
America's Next Top Model (CW)
Kidnapped (NBC)

M Says: I have a good feeling about Jericho, one of CBS' only serialized dramas. I've been watching Vanished on Fox, but I'm told of the two similarly themed shows, Kidnapped is better, so I'm giving it a try. That is if T can watch either Laguna Beach or Inside the NFL at a different time slot.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Six Degrees (ABC)
Shark (CBS)
My Name Is Earl (NBC)
The Office (NBC)

M Says: I know, I know, Grey's Anatomy starts! While I've never really gotten into this show, I keep up, and recognize why it does so well among females. I'm way more excited for the resolution to the Jim/Pam kiss on The Office.

Close To Home (CBS)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
Numb3rs (CBS)
Law & Order (NBC)

M Says: Fridays are useless to me until Battlestar starts.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)

M Says: Finally, the much-talked about Brothers & Sisters starts - let's see if the cast changes, script re-writes and new production managers were worth it! Also, I'm really anticipating DH's return; for some reason, I have faith that this show is going to bounce back from the terrible second season, and give us back what made us fall in love with Wisteria Lane to begin with!

M's Weekly Spotlights

Monday: Studio 60 (NBC), HIMYM (CBS)
Tuesday: Smith (CBS) , Dead Like Me (SciFi) & Eureka (SciFi)
Wednesday: Jericho (CBS), Kidnapped (NBC), Project Runway (Bravo)
Thursday: Earl (NBC), The Office (NBC)
Sunday: Desperate Housewives (ABC), Brothers & Sisters (ABC)


1. The Lost Experience
What the hell is going on, you ask? Well, we finally found 100% of the Apollo bars on I'm sure we'll get something good during the DJ Dan podcast on Sunday. Check back next monday for a summary.

2. It's Not Just TV Anymore
The networks announced they are finally going to embrace showing their programs on the internet. Go to the various network pages to see how you can catch shows, even if you don't have TiVo.

Closing Thoughts
TV is finally starting again! Although summer wasn't as grim as it normally was, I'm so excited about this upcoming season. Stay tuned, post your comments, and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Will is engaged!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while, but it's been a crazy summer. And despite finding some good shows on this summer (Psych, So You Think You Can Dance), there wasn't much "news" to report on!! But I just read on E! that Will - aka Bradley Cooper to you non-Alias fans (what's wrong with you??!) - just got engaged to Jennifer Esposito. I thought this was worth mentioning :)

Read all about it here:

I'll be back soon to give you my take on the upcoming fall season... and my opinion on the shows I'm already addicted to (Prison Break - why oh why did I not watch this last season!!) and ones I watch but could do without (Vanished - it's only a matter of time before I stop watching this on DVR).

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lost Numbers...

... are the key numerical factors of the Valenzetti equation. By changing any of these factors, we can save humanity!!!

Totally confused? Check out the "Sri Lanka Video" at

So now, I TOTALLY understand what's going on... umm, yeah.

Here At Last!

The fall tv season is starting, slowly but surely! And I'm going to start blogging more regularly again, so keep tuning in!

Season Premiere Watch
Nothing too exciting, but in case you care...
Tuesday: Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
Thursday: Survivor: Cook Island (CBS)

Last night Fox started the season for The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and The War at Home. (Why won't they just kill that last one? See Buzz section for more on that...)

M's Weekly Spotlights:
Monday: Vanished (Fox)
Tuesday: Dead Like Me Re-runs (SciFi), Eureka (SciFi)
Wednesday: Project Runway (Bravo)
Thursday: Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Sunday: The Simpsons, Family Guy (Fox)

Looking for a more active way to watch TV (by, you know, not really having to move too much)? Try these two websites:

This website allows you to play characters and "quirks" against up to 5 of your friends, as a throwback to fantasy sports leagues. Points awarded for screen time, name use, drinking, cursing... etc. After the "draft", you only have to align your players once a week and watch the points roll in... not too much energy!

The deathwatch is a contest to see which shows are getting axed. Each week that you guess correctly enters you into a drawing for an iPod. The list only include new shows for the season, so I don't get to vote for The War at Home every week. Only one click a week for a chance to win a prize AND vote against bad TV? I'm in!

Closing Thoughts
To sum it up, I'll leave you with this profound quote:
"Before TV, there were two world wars, after TV, there were none." - An ABC billboard I saw about 6 years ago driving to Philadelphia

Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Shows: Vanished & Heroes

I've now watched the first two episodes of Vanished. While it is no Alias replacement, it has definitely got me hooked. Each episode runs like a little movie. Unlike Lost, the show gives you tons of information during each episode (I'm already thinking of starting an excel sheet!) Exactly like Lost, I have no clue what's going on, and there are a ton of open mysteries. Doesn't look like a lot of character development, but definitely a fun mystery thriller. I would check it out before it gets too complicated to jump in. Mondays at 9 on Fox (to be replaced by 24 in January.)

I've also had the rare opportunity to watch the first hour of the Heroes pilot a few weeks ago. This show looks awesome. It's definitely has the X-Men vibe, but without the comic-bookiness. (But don't get me wrong, I also love the comic-bookiness of X-Men, this is just... different.) It definitely feels more *real*. And although "mainstream" tv watchers may disregard this as another genre/sci-fi type show, I beg to differ. This show is all about its characters. It is taking place in the world as we know it, except for the appearance of our Heroes' special abilities. Nobody is prancing around in a cape. And they are scared... afterall, if all of a sudden your mirror image was doing evil deeds, wouldn't you be totally freaked out?? After a little digging, I found a great fan site devoted to the show, with a spoiler section, producer/cast interviews and more: After purusing on that site for awhile, I found out that a lot of the producers of this show were involved with some of my favorite shows, including Alias, Lost, and Smallville. If you want an early glimpse of the part I of the Pilot, it will soon be available via iTunes, and then the actual network premiere will be on NBC, on Monday, September 25th.

Sadly for non-TiVo Owners, Vanished and Heroes run up against eachother at the same time slot (Mondays @ 9). If I had to choose one, I would choose Heroes without a second thought.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I Am Ashamed

I can't believe a month has passed since my last blog! Time for a catch-up post....

Summer Shows

Now that the summer is winding down, I'd like to take a minute to discuss the five best shows of the summer (in no particular order!)

1. Entourage (HBO)
Following Vince Chase and his buddies during the third season has been a great way to spend Sunday nights this summer. Looks like Vince is painting himself into a corner just as Drama's career is starting again. Turtle lost his big client, Saigon, but still got his payday... will he use it to invest in more clients? Eric has managed to keep a non-psycho girlfriend all summer. And poor Ari is having a manic season, with Lloyd getting an all time high level of abuse. Great season, I just wish we didn't have to wait until January 07 to get the final eight episodes. Season Finale is this Sunday.

2. Eureka (Sci Fi)
A show about a town of geniuses, with new sherriff, Colin Ferguson. This show is really easy to watch. Although there is an ongoing mystery about Area Five, the episodic mysteries appeal to drop by viewers. Also, it's just fun to see all the crazy inventions that are simply a part of daily life!

3. So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
Season 2 of this show was aired for almost triple the screen time as last season. But even though the show changed from one hour/week to three hours/week, it was still great to watch. My favorite, Benji, won which made me really happy. It's already signed for season 3... hopefully wretched Kat won't be back (or at least she'll start brushing her hair!)

4. Psych (USA)
Another light-hearted show, but with completely stand alone episodes... I know, a first for me! This show spoofs all the CSIs and L&O's out there, by having the main character pretend to be a psychic, but really he's just super observant. You'd think it would get old watching him pretend to have visions and seeing his body taken over by spirits again and again, but it really doesn't. A lot of it has to do of the "buddy cop" nature of the show... the chemistry between the two male leads has me laughing out loud! And I'm glad that for once, since it is a same sex leading pair, there is no chance of a romance to ruin the fun.

5. Project Runway (Bravo)
PR is also half way through it's third season, and Heidi has never looked better! Although there is no Santino, between Laura the frigid mother, the rivalry between Jeffrey and Angela, the Keith has fashion books scandal and the contest between Michael Kors and Nina Garcia to see who can be bitchier, it has be a great and drama filled season... and oh yes, the fashion has been good too! My pick for the top three would be Michael, Uli and Kayne. (T would say the same except for Laura instead of Kayne.) I guess we'll see!

Honorable Mentions
Reruns of "Dead Like Me" on Sci Fi: I never got to watch the original on Showtime... this is a really great show, and I'm so sad it's already cancelled and over!)

Season 1 of "Huff" from Netflix: Again, another cancelled Showtime original that made me have a whole new respect for Hank Azaria...

Reruns of "Everybody Hates Chris" on UPN: My scheduling didn't permit me to watch the first season when it premiered last week... it is a pretty funny show, and I think I've managed to watch the whole season over the summer, but I don't see why it's the critical darling it is... The Office and Earl are much funnier.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cough, Sputter.... WHAT?????

So, this is what I just read on the eonline's latest news section:

"The Lost Experience, the online interactive game launched last spring to give fans clues to the island, will spill the meaning behind Hurley's lottery numbers--4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42--which are prevalent throughout the show. Their importance will be revealed to gamers who complete the third phase of the challenge."

I thought that we would never get this answer... or at least not until Season 5 or the post series movie! In fact, although I know how fond the Lost production team is of foilers, I believed that there was not really any meaning behind the numbers, because "they became too big" and "there would never be a satisfying answer to them".... Now I feel bad about skipping out on the Lost Experience, although somehow, I have a little feeling that the answer will be post online maybe, oh I don't know, about a gazillion times!!!

Again, if you're like me, and haven't been playing the game, see the post below for an excellent re-cap of what's been going on so far...

TCA Press Tour


If you're addicted to television (like me)... and obviously you are, otherwise you wouldn't be on this site, you are probably interested in what has been going on for the past few weeks - why are all our favorite critics MIA? It's because they've been away in Pasadena attending the TCA (Television Critics Association) Press Tour.... filled with pilots, promises and spoilers, I've been following as many updates as I possibly can. And there is no way I can summarize the whole two weeks here... so I thought I would post links to who had the best updates from the tour.

WARNING: There are a lot of spoilers contained in these links, so if you want to go into the upcoming season 100% unspoiled, I advise that you do not click any of the following!

PS - These links will also take you to Comic-Con updates from San Diego, which includes panels with Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Veronica Mars and more!

The Ausiello Report
Roush Dispatch
Kristen from E! Online
Ain't It Cool News
The Futon Critic

Obviously, this is not a complete list of all the updates, but I think they are the most readable and interesting. ENJOY!

Cheat Codes

So - who here remembers that The Lost Experience is still going on? (Anyone? Anyone?) Yeah, me neither. HOWEVER, I just found an amazing link that pretty much sums up the whole "game".

If you're interested in the mythology behind Lost, but have, you know, a *life*, then click HERE for a quick recap and all relavent information and links. It explains what The Hanso Foundation is up to, who Rachel Blake, DJ Dan, Vanzeletti, Joop... etc, all are, and how they fit into the equation.

Ah, Game Genie, how we've missed you!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Egg-citing News

Not to be outdone by CBS's egg-vertising, NBC has released its own innovative plan to promote itself... pre-releasing its fall shows early on Netflix!

If you have Netflix, go to your queue immediately and send Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Kidnapped straight to the top. They don't officially release until August 5, but that's still 6 whole weeks earlier than the rest of the world gets to see them! I'm just praying they'll add Heroes soon too!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WWMW: Wednesdays

Let's continue the weekly fun of analyzing what's worth watching, tivoing and avoiding on Wednesday nights this fall...

ABC: They have Dancing with the Stars leading in to Lost. Who's decision was that? This is where Alias belonged before ABC decided to blow it up. But before Alias was there, I had no clue what started the night, so I guess this is either here nor there. George Lopez and According to Jim will replace Dancing with the Stars mid-season. Can I get a group yawn for antiquated "family" comedies? Then we have our beloved Lost, entering its third season (of apparently 5... see the entry entitled "Lost Movie?" below.) ABC promised no repeats this season. Starting October 3, we're going to get a six episode arc, followed by a mid-season replacement of Daybreak, the Groundhog Day-esque thriller starring Taye Diggs, which will last for 13 episodes, and then Lost will return for a non-stop 16 episode arc to have its ultimate finale in May. Obviously, the 9pm timeslot belongs to ABC for me. Following Lost is the new serialized drama The Nine, about the aftermath of a 52 hour bank robbey/hostage situation. Starring many of our favorites - Kim Raver (Audrey) from 24, Tim Daly (Wings, Eyes), Chi McBride (Boston Public), Scott Wolf (Everwood, Party of 5) - this newbie is getting a lot of buzz. Although it's being tagged as a "character show" (a la JJ Abrahms), the producers insist there's a lot more to the show than that. This one is definitely on my radar, except I'm afraid to commit to a new show on ABC after the whole cancelling Invasion fiasco. Wow - I guess I had a lot to say about ABC!

CBS: Wednesday's are going to be the home for a new-concept for CBS - a non-CSI Show! Jericho kicks off the evening, a serialized drama about a small town coming together after a nuclear attack. I am looking forward to watching the pilot of this show. Am I going to watch the 44 minute episodes on TV rather than the 90 minute episodes online? I don't know... I'll probably watch on TV to begin with (especially since there's not much competition at that timeslot) and if I like it, I'll switch to the 90 minute episodes on the internet. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, scroll down to see my article on Jericho's internet experiment. Then CBS fills out its night with CSI-style crap (I have no clue what Criminal Minds is, but I assume its the same brain-numbing nonsense that CBS viewers love.) Next!

NBC: NBC starts of Wednesday's with 2 comedies: 20 Good Years with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor and 30 Rock with Tina Fey. I'll watch 20 Good Years for a few episodes, but I doubt it will stick, or become more than a TiVo afterthough. It's a show about two aging men making the most of the rest of their lives - not really targeting my age group, although I'm sure my dad will appreciate the humor. 30 Rock is one of the show's I'm really looking forward to. It's the "other" show about the backstage workings of an SNL-type show (i.e. Not the Matthew Perry one, but the other one.) has put up some initial footage, and it looks pretty funny! After the 2 comedies, we have Biggest Loser - and you know how I feel about reality television littering the "real" season! Finally the night closes with Kidnapped. Now, I'm sure many people are asking what's the difference between Kidnapped and Fox's Vanished. They both center around missing people but - and here's where it get's tricky - on Kidnapped the son of a rich family is "kidnapped" and on Vanished the wife of a senator "vanishes." Wow - that just blew my mind! In any case, they are both getting mixed reviews. I plan to watch both to begin with, and see where to go from there.

Fox: Speaking of our bushy-tailed friend, what does Fox have in store for us on Wednesdays? We start the night out with Bones, in its sophomore season. This show is about some people going through corpses to solve mysteries? Um, don't you belong on CBS? Next we have Justice - another generic lawyer show. (Sadly, Victor Garber is attached to this - how the mighty have fallen, SpyDaddy!) Replaced mid-season with American Idol - who cares... replaced late-season by another season of The Loop. Really. Another season of The Loop (who's even heard of this show?) while I'm forced to watch pirated copies of Kitchen Confidential in the secrecy of my basement? (Okay, I don't have a basement, but you know what I mean!) **For those readers wondering when I'll ever get over the cancellation of Kitchen Confidential, you should know that I don't let go of things easily.**

CW: Finally, the CW gives us a duo of America's Next Top Model, which is one of the few watch-worthy reality shows, but with so much to watch, the best it can get from me is to drop by once in awhile if my other shows are in re-runs and my TiVo is empty. Followed by teen drama One Tree Hill, which I never got into.

PHEW! That was a long one! Again - I haven't technically *watched* any of the new shows - I base my opinions solely on their teasers online and my fave critics' reviews. If you're interested in forming your own opinions, you should really be following the TCA (Television Critics Association) Press Tour by stopping by blogs from (Ausiello or Roush) or Kristen from

Veronica Mars, FBI Agent? has put together a stellar article based on the Veronic Mars presentation at the TCA tour yesterday. There was a lot of old news (there will be 3 separate mysteries instead of a season long one; Veronica, Logan, Wallace & Mac will all be attending Hearst while Duncan is gone forever) and some interesting new tidbits (Dick Casablancas will also be attending Hearst!). Definitely give it a read - there are no real spoilers, but definitely some interesting production notes about Season 3.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Spoilers

Ain't it Cool News points us to some yummy spoilers for the upcoming Season 3 of BSG. I didn't really read through them, because I am still waiting to watch Season 2.5 - SciFi has been reairing all of Season 2, the first half of which I have on DVD. I wish they'd just get to the "new" episodes already!

Anyway, if you're all caught up, click HERE for a preview of what's to come.


Due to complete boredom, the following shows are too dull for even *me* to talk about anymore:

Windfall (got through 3 episodes of deluding myself)

Saved (got through 1.5 episodes before deciding that Tom Everett Scott was actually *not* worth watching this show)

Kyle XY (why oh why can't I get back those 44 minutes I spent watching the pilot. just bring back Beautiful People and i'll be happy.)

Let's just pretend they never existed, okay?

Johnny Drama In Debt to the Mob?

Last night on Entourage, Lloyd saved the day by finding a job for Johnny Drama and earned himself a $10k bonus - was this a hint of the spoiler I spoke of a few weeks ago? Did Lloyd find Drama the job through the gay assisstant mafia? Please say it's true!

Down the Food Chain

As reported by, who got their intel from a newletter from, and now published thirdhand by me, it looks like CBS is taking to the idea of re-airing episodes online for free - and then one-upping the other networks who do the same by adding more content online. Apparently, after each new hour-long episode of Jericho that will air on CBS, the network will post a 90 minute version of the same episode, with more sub-plots. The producers say that you don't need to watch the extended versions to keep up with the plot - but it will "enhance" the viewers' experiences.

Eat your heart out Lost.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Not Angry, Just Disappointed

I finally got around to watching Bill Lawrence's (of Scrubs fame) new sitcome on - Nobody's Watching. Apparently, this is the show to watch, because the pilot got dissed, and it somehow got resurrected on the popular video website. I wished it stayed buried.

Nobody's Watching is about two twenty-something friends from Ohio, who get called on by the WB to be in a reality show/create a new sit-com (The Comeback anyone?) This show doesn't know where the parody of sit-coms ends and the beginnings of a real sit-com begins. From the unlikeable characters to the "fake" audience laugh track (which is annoying in a very real way), this show misses on every note. And the big-bad-tv executives are so hackneyed that they actually make Lorren Michaels' self-mocking on SNL look like good acting. Take a look for yourself (Links below)... but if you're looking for a Scrubs or Arrested Development, I suggest you go to your Netflix queue instead, and just rent the real thing. BTW - there are three parts, but they are just the same pilot split up for sizing reasons, not three different episodes.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

WWMW: Tuesdays

Continuing this new weekly series, let's take a look for what's slated on Tuesday's this fall....

ABC: Ooohh... starting your night with Reality TV during the "real" season is not a good idea. Dancing With the Stars is getting stale and who cares what it's going to be replace by. At 9, ABC pairs two of its new comedies: Knights of Prosperity (formerly Let's Rob...., formerly Let's Rob Mick Jagger) and Help Me Help You. Knights is all about a group of buddies who plan to rob - you guessed it - Mick Jagger. Looks like its Fully-Monty meets Ocean's Eleven, but not as funny, slick or daring as either of them. I think I'll skip. Help Me Help You is about Ted Danson holding a group therapy session, but maybe *he* is the craziest of all... um, yeah, I'll holdmy breath about that one. Finally the night ends with Boston Legal, which while not my cup of tea, does pretty well, but is up against some interesting competition.

CBS: Again, CBS is off to a slow (but audience filled) start with NCIS. When will America stop watching this drivel? It's followed by last year's mid-season hit, The Unit. I'll admit that I was slightly captivated by Unit when it first came out, but they started piling up on the TiVo, and I stopped caring. I have a feeling that it's going to drop off my season pass list by October, and drop off the face of the Earth by December. But then again, you can always count on CBS fans to like boring crap, especially the more boring and the more crappy it gets. Finally, the night ends with Smith. Originally, this Ray Liotta "bad guy" show didn't really ring my bell (as you can tell by its non-highlightedness). But as the critics are getting through their tapes, this one seems like one of the hits of the season. Its being compared to great crime capers like Ocean's Eleven and The Italian Job (the one with Marky-Mark, not the terrible old one). So, I've decided to give it a try.

NBC: Starts off the night with critics fave Friday Night Lights. Now, during the fall season, I get my fill of football what with T and his idiot-mobile of friends piling into our little NYC living room for college football on Saturdays and NFL Sunday ticket on Sundays (damn you directv!!). However, I did like The Program, Necessary Roughness, Remeber the Titans, and yes, Varsity Blues. So with everyone raving about it, I'll at least give it a try or two. This is followed by two straight hours of Law & Order - yawn.

FOX: Fox's new drama - Standoff - starts the night off with two of my favorite actors: Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa from Alias) and Ron Livingston (Officespace, Sex and the City). However, this show looks *TERRIBLE*. The plot is that these are two hostage negotiating partners that are sleeping together. That's it. No twist. Fox, you've done it again - I bet it runs for eight seasons, while Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential Rest In Peace. Mid-season this timeslot will be taken by Idol - who cares? There is only one success story from this show, and that it Kelly Clarkson. I don't understand why people watch this show. This is followed by now-well-paid House (he's reported to have his salary upped to $300k/episode starting with season 3.) I've never watched House, but I've heard good things. It's really neither here nor there for me.

CW: Finally we have our baby chick the CW. Tuesday have them pairing Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars - a match that fans have been begging for. I'm not actually a GG watcher, but I bet I would love it. Although, many fans might dessert the show now that the Palladinos are gone from behind the camera. And with my new obsession with VM, you bet I'll be tuning in!! In fact, everyone should be tuning in - if Veronica isn't well watched in the first half of its season, not only will it be cut to a short season, but it might join Lily and be cut permanently.

Final Thoughts: I know Veronica Mars will stick for me all season, and maybe Smith if it's as good as everyone says it is, but other than that, it will be a quiet night for me. I predict Fox will get rid of Standoff almost immediately, and that L&O will remain steady. If ABC keeps According to Jim around, that means they'll keep just about anything - plus, you wouldn't want to piss of Mick Jagger (Ted Danson? who cares.)

Friday, July 07, 2006

It Has To Be Said

I know that this has been discussed to death already, and the internet is clogged with complaints and criticisms, but I just have to put my own two cents in about the Emmy nominations... oh alright, I'll give you three cents, but don't be greedy!

Outstanding Drama Series: Grey's Anatomy, House, The Sopranos, 24 and The West Wing

M says: Where is Battlestar? Lost? Smallville which had one of its best seasons ever?

Outstanding Comedy Series: Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Scrubs and Two and a Half Men

M says: This is the one category they got at least 80% right - the only replacement I would make would be Earl instead of the take it or leave it Two and a Half Men.

Lead Actress/Drama: Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under), Geena Davis (Commander in Chief), Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), Allison Janney (The West Wing) and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)

M says: Even though I'm not a huge Sopranos fan, even *I* was surprised that Edie Falco got left off! I'm glad Geena made the cut though.

Lead Actor/Drama: Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Denis Leary (Rescue Me), Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU), Martin Sheen (The West Wing) and Kiefer Sutherland (24)

M says: Come on, you're telling me that not even one leading Lost men got a nod? And what about Edward James Olmos?

Lead Actress/Comedy: Stockard Channing (Out of Practice), Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle), Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback), Debra Messing (Will & Grace) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine)

M says: They chose Rizzo over Bree? Elaine over Veronica Mars? And as much as I like the little-loved Comeback, really? Lisa Kudrow?

Lead Actor/Comedy: Steve Carell (The Office), Larry David (Curb), Kevin James (King of Queens), Tony Shalhoub (Monk) and Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men)

M says: Steve Carell? Check. Larry David? Check. Jason Lee?? Jason Bateman??? Wait, do I have the wrong checklist??

Supporting Actress/Drama: Candice Bergen (Boston Legal), Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy), Chandra Wilson (Grey's Anatomy), Blythe Danner (Huff) and Jean Smart (24)

M says: While the female Losties probably don't match up to what I considered Emmy status, and I don't watch Grey's really, the only one I consider worthy is Jean Smart - she made 24 worth watching this season.

Supporting Actor/Drama: William Shatner (Boston), Oliver Platt (Huff), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Gregory Itzin (24) and Alan Alda (The West Wing)

M says: The fact that Gregory Itzin's President Logan was nominated over Emerson's Henry Gale seals the deal - the Emmy's suck.

Supporting Actress/Comedy: Cheryl Hines (Curb), Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives), Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds), Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl) and Megan Mullally (Will & Grace)

M says: Really? The only Housewife to get nominated was Alfre Woodard? And where is Mommy Bluth - the funniest woman on tv by any standard.

Supporting Actor/Comedy: Will Arnett (Arrested), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle), Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) and Sean Hayes (Will & Grace)

M Says: Kudos for getting Will Arnett on the ticket - GOB kicks ass. And Jeremy Piven - you get my vote! I don't understand how Jon Cryer is a "supporting" actor anymore than I understand how Two and a Half Men is getting so much recognition.

M's Final Words: Clearly the Emmy voters don't watch TV. You all suck.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lost Movie?

And I quote:

"The makers of LOST want to end the hit TV show after a maximum of five years and are planning a feature-length movie spin-off. Co-creator Damon Lindelof is so worried producers and studio executives will drag the show out he is making his opinion on the matter clear now. He says, "We'd love to end the show after four year, five years tops and do a movie."

Forget the Dance Competition...

... I just want Benji & Donyell to get married and have lots of beautiful babies and live happily ever after. It was funny, in the beginning of their Viennese Waltz last night, when Benji was "channeling Dmitry", I thought that this will be the first time that I'm disappointed in a Benji/Donyell number... but then a third of the way through, he put on his happy Benji face, which just looks like he's in dancing bliss, and the chemistry between the two of them nearly caused my TV to explode. I was almost tempted to call in and vote!!! Anyway, as for So You Think You Can Dance, they better just call a tie leading into the first episode of The Benji & Donyell Show!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WWMW: Mondays

Because its impossible to ask me to do "real" work after a 4.5 day weekend, I'm going to start my weekly series, of "What Would M Watch?" This series will consist of breaking down each night of network television for the upcoming 2006 fall season... please note, for now, this will just consist of Network shows... I don't have information on any Cable shows yet (i.e. Battlestar Galactica), and where they will fit into the schedule.

ABC: The alphabet is off to a slow start on Mondays with Wife Swap and The Bachelor/Supernanny - reality TV is *so* over. Yes, you're seeing right, I am giving What About Brian another chance, just because its JJ Abrahms and because the powers that be have promised a re-tooled show. I have a feeling it won't last, but curiousity did get the best of me.

CBS: The week starts strong for CBS with returning hit How I Met Your Mother. Will we meet Ted's wife to be this summer? Or will the show focus on the Ted/Robin romance? We already know that Lily and Marshall get back together (their relationship is based on the producer's, who is happily married to his Lily.) But will Barney find love? The Class isn't really grabbing my attention - a sit com about "the lives of a group of twenty-somethings from the same third-grade class brought back together for a surprise reunion after 20 years." Although produced by Friends' David Crane, sounds pretty bland. And while I don't mind tuning in for an episode here and there of Two and a Half Men, it certainly isn't something I schedule. Christine isn't even worth a synopsis (how Elaine has fallen). And you all know how I feel about CSI (its the reason that people think television makes you stupid.)

NBC: The Peacock is the clear winner on Monday nights. Although it starts with make-me-want-to-stab-myself Deal or No Deal, its starting the week with its two biggest bets: Heroes, which I've made no attempts of hiding that I think this will be my new favorite show, and Studio 60, which I think will be one of the letdowns of the new season, but will all the buzz, could be decent. (Plus who wouldn't want to watch a few more seasons of Chandler-isms... it worked out *so* well for Joey.)

Fox: Although I myself am not a fan of Prison Break, it will probably do tremendously in its timeslot considering it has no competition whatsoever. I'm pretty excited for newcomer Vanished... Fox has been going nuts promoting it during its summer shows, and who doesn't enjoy a centuries old mystery combined with a good old-fashioned kidnapping?! It's competing against Heroes on NBC, but TiVo will take care of that for me.

CW: The new Network scores a big ZERO from me for Monday nights. The return of 7th Heaven is the most ridiculous decision I've ever heard of. And I could not be less interested in the new Runaway, a story about "a family on the run, hiding from the legal system that unjustly convicted [the father] of a terrible and violent crime."

Final Thoughts: The Tuesday morning watercooler will center around Prison Break, Heroes & Vanished. People will watch Studio 60, but won't care enough to think about it. What About Brian will be off the air by January.

A Long Time Ago... We Use To Be Friends

So... over the long weekend, my Veronica Mars interest went from "this is a neat show I could watch" to "I NEED TO WATCH THE NEXT SHOW IMMEDIATELY". I zoomed past season one, and have started watching season two (I just finished episode 9 last night when T dragged me to a party to watch the fireworks... damn T and his social ways.) I tried to watch an episode of Windfall inbetween VM episodes and the caliber of the show was so blindingly bad after watching eight continuous hours of VM that I deleted Windfall from TiVo's Season Pass.

With that taken care of, what am I still watching this summer?

1. Veronica Mars (all episodes leading to Season 3 premiere this fall)
2. Entourage (now even better with Dom leaving... he got old real quick)
3. So You Think You Can Dance (definitely in FF... I can't stand listening to Nigel or Mary... and if Benji/Donyelle get voted off, then I'll just stop watching)
4. Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia (I don't know how I missed this last season, but it is really funny. You know what it would be beautifully paired with? Starved. Damn you FX.)
5. Project Runway (Season 3 kicks off in just a few days!!)

Also, Psych, a new show about a fake psychic working on detective cases is starting soon on USA... I'll give it a try, because it seems to be getting lots of kudos, but we'll see if it's good enough to last.

Finally, for those of you who enjoy spoilers as much as I do, looks like July is starting to bring back tasty tid-bits for the fall premiers. Check out Spoilerfix for details on Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Las Vegas, Smallville, Supernatural, Veronica Mars and others.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Day Time Talk Shows

Okay... people say that I watch a lot of TV, HOWEVER, there are certain things that even I won't touch... namely, almost anything on Daytime TV, including talk shows (with the exception of Ellen D.), soaps, etc. Here is why:


Mmm... came across a DELICIOUS little tid bit about an upcoming Entourage episode... highlight the following to learn something about Lloyd, Ari's loyal right-hand-man: [ Lloyd is part of a gay-assistant mafia, and will use his mob connections to help Ari out of a tight place. ]

Tell me that's not great?!?!?

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Let me preface this post with this: so far I have been unimpressed with the Spiderman franchise. I am more more in love with the dark X-Men series, or even the new take on Batman... I find Spidey too cheesey, and I think Tobey McGuire is one of the worst comic-book castings I've seen since Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.

This being said, I just saw the teaser trailer for Spiderman 3 (supposedly coming out May 14th, 2007) and it looks freakin' awesome. Maybe they can actually pull themselves together and make a good Spiderman movie... click HERE to check it out for yourselves!

O.C. Is Bitch Slapped

During the summer juggling of fall line ups, the OC has lost some ground... looks like Fox doesn't have faith in its primetime soap, and has minimized its episode order from 22 down to 16, with a possible schedule change so it doesn't have to go up against juggernauts CSI and Grey's Anatomy.

Click HERE for the full article.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Less Is More

Last night's episode of SYTYCD actually left me a bit flat... nobody really blew me away... very few couples actually had chemistry. And this seasons, the couples are stuck together unless their partners get voted off, so there is a slim chance that we'll get to see if they have real chemistry with somebody else on the show.

My favorite couple right now is Benji & Donyelle. The whole "I went away on a mission and came back to my supposed girlfriend's wedding invitation" story really got to me - and although he's not as good looking as Dmitri or Musa - there's something so *cute* about him - as my sister K put it - he just looks happy all the time! As for Donyelle, I didn't really feel one way or another about her until Nigel started ripping on her weight.. "in a good way" (what an ass.) At that point, I wanted her to win the whole thing. Can a curvy girl get a BREAK once in a while?????

But actually, the only really feedback I have from last night was the large, blonde judge's eye makeup... she must have thought she was channeling Rene Zellweger with the squinty eye thing she was trying to do - but believe me - she didn't get there. It was distracting.

Also - a quick rant on the camera work. The camera man must think he is being really artistic, but all the crazy filming is making me dizzy, and I feel like we're missing a large part of the dances because of all the panning in/out/around. Please just give us a good angle and stick with it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And They're Off

Season 3 for Project Runway has been cast! I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of the "Santino Effect"... everyone realizing that they can stay on the show via the producers as long as they have a strong "character" that brings in viewers... even if their clothes suck. Click HERE for the full article and cast list.

Don't Judge Me

So, I normally save my writings on Lifetime for their ridiculous made-for-tv movies, like "She Cried No", starring Candace Cameron and Zack Morris. But, while I was out sick a few weeks ago, I found out that Lifetime runs an array of sit-coms during the day, which are not the pick of the litter, but are still better than soaps and Springer. During commercial breaks, I noticed ads for their new summer sit-com - Lovespring International. I was slightly interestested, (its produced by Will of Will and Grace), so I recorded the first episode... not bad! (I shudder as I say this about a Lifetime original!)

LI focuses on the staff of a match-making agency. There is no laugh-track, and the characters are still more charicatures, but there is definitely some promise here. The first episode was pretty funny (I laughed out loud a few times) ... the second episode start Eric McCormick himself, but wasn't as good (even though it did prominently feature sharks!)

Anyway, if you catch an episode while channel surfing (which there is a good posibility you will, as Lifetime plays it like 8 million times a day) don't click away immediately. (That is the best endorsement I can give a lifetime channel show.)

Forgot One

I also managed to watch the first episode of TNT's Saved. It's really good! I do love watching Tom Everett Scott do that thing he does. Basically, TES is a paramedic, who dropped out of med school a few years ago, much to the chagrin of his Head of the Department father. His ex-girlfriend dumped him (which I think is the reason he dropped out) and now she's not only working at one of the hospitals he takes his patients too, but she's about to move in with some boring fuddy-duddy (btw, she told him this after one last tryst in the ambulance). His ambulence partner is divorced (never married?) and has a son, who lives with his mother and her new husband. The other ambulence is driven by a hardened female and a newbie driver from the midwest, who is the comic relief because he goofs up everything. A kind of cool thing they do is they do 5 second "flashbacks" of photograph stills of what led up to the reason why the paramedics were called in the first place. It's cool pretty cool, and adds to the story without wasting precious plot minutes. I think their tag line to the ego-maniacal explains it all: "We do everything you do, but at 60 mph."

Check it out, its a good one. And TES is yummy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Long, Hot Summer

So... this weekend's heat proved that summer is here, which normally means second-rate reality shows, or re-runs, re-runs and more re-runs. HOWEVER, this summer, it looks like we've got a good mix of programming running... here's what I've been watching so far...

Its back and better than ever. We don't have to deal with annoying Mandy Moore. Ari is more Ari than ever, with Lloyd as the loyal sidekick. And the boys are... well the boys! This season (22 episodes!!!) we're dealing with Vince becoming a bigtime movie star, and how he and his buddies deal with it. He's over Mandy Moore, and apparently will have a different girl in every episode. Eric is still with Sloan, and they are going to have some bedroom adventures, apparently. Turtle will be dealing with his new role as Saigon's agent. And Drama will of course be dealing with his own career. Some other interesting things to keep an eye out for: another high school friend comes to Cali, but the established friends aren't too thrilled with the idea. Also, Ari will be facing off against a new *female* rival agent. This is going to be a great season... the only complaint so far, is that HBO has discretely cut air time, with the episodes only seeming to last about 22 minutes. But I'm not complaining, since this season is much longer than the previous 2.

So the TV critics weren't too kind to this show, which basically follows the winner of a super mega jackpot. But I'm actually kind of having fun watching - its definitely soapy, and would never make it during the regular season, but its fun enough for summer. Like Reunion, great concept, but very mediocre acting. Some of the characters I just don't care about (i.e. the whole plot with the guy who asks the lawyer to cash in his ticket for him, because he's running from bad people/the law, and maybe he murdered somebody but maybe he was framed). But some plots are interesting, like the 17 year old who married the mail order bride in order to help her and help himself get the money. You don't need to watch all the episodes, so if you miss a few here and there, it could still be a guilty pleasure now and then!

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Missed this one on FX last season, due to my obsession with Starved (who's cancellation I'm still angry about!) But they started playing a few episodes on Fox, to get ready for the new season (still on FX), and it actually is quite funny. The atmosphere is very "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (which never seems to be coming back). The plots are ridiculous, which makes it fun. If someone had told me this show was about "young twenty-somethings that own a bar together", I would definitely have said pass, but its funny, so I watch the upcoming new season.

So You Think You Can Dance
Aahhh.... the first show covered in our blog has come back for a second season. The first few "try-out" episodes were not much fun to watch, because they were too focused on the "judging" instead of the dancing. And the judges seemed extra mean this year. Then there were two semi-final Vegas episodes - I would say the same thing - we barely saw any actual dancing! Then finally, we had our first "real episode" and cut show last Wednesday and Thursday... I have the same sentiments as last year... I couldn't watch this show without TiVo... I tend to fast forward through everything except the actual dancing. I was upset at the couple who was cut, because this was the first time I actually thought a Paso Doble was executed well on the show, and I really think that Benji and his partner sucked - it was unbelieveable to me that their ridiculous 80's flashdance didn't make the bottom 3. Oh well - there's always this week.

Hell's Kitchen
I didn't watch this last year, but after watching Top Chef on Bravo, I thought that maybe I'd enjoy it, because I like cooking shows. Well - as T pointed out to me during one episodes - can any of these people even cook? It seems so far that they are cooking the same pre-prepared menu every night, and they are not really showing off their own cooking skills... its more like execution skills. I'll keep watching because its TiVoing, but its definitely not as good as other cooking competitions.

I think that's pretty much it... Project Runway will be returning in July I think, and I'm pretty excited about that. I've also been getting into Veronica Mars Season 1 on DVD... I've gotten through the first eight episodes, and its definitely a cute show. I'm not sure when they are releasing Season 2, but hopefully before the new season starts on the CW this fall... I'd like to add it to the regular rotation. Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 doesn't even have a release date yet, so I may have to order it on iTunes if it doesn't get put out before the Season 3 premier on Sci Fi in October.

Oh.. and just as I predicted, I've totally stopped playing or even caring about The Lost Experience game... I stopped playing about 2 weeks into it, but kept reading the web postings about what's going on... its seems complicated as hell, and I just don't have that kind of patience. I browse through the message boards every once in awhile to see if anything super-interesting has been revealed... and it hasn't really, so I figure no big loss.

Friday, June 09, 2006

An Unadvertised Treat for CIC Fans

For all you Commander In Chief fans out there - the last we heard, ABC was thinking of running a 2 hour TV movie to conclude the series (and if ratings were good, could lead to a renewal for the 07-08 season.) Well, without saying a word, ABC has started airing the remaining episodes! I happened to catch one this past Wednesday, and the series finale will air next Wednesday at 10.

If you missed the last two episodes - don't dispair! You can watch them *for free* via streaming video on's video page.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What Do I Watch Now?

As a friend recently pointed out, it feels like there's nothing on TV now that May sweeps are over. But of course, as many networks are realizing, people need their TV year-round! So here's a quick rundown of shows to check out this summer:

1. Entourage
This one's a no brainer. If you aren't watching this show yet, WHY? It's the best show on HBO (sorry Sopranos fans) and so worth your time. Watch it. It starts this Sunday, June 11th, at 9pm.

2. So You Think You Can Dance
I'm a recent convert to this show. I missed it last summer, so I never got into it. But after a total cable failure over the weekend, with nothing to watch except the leftovers on my DVR, I sat and watched the last 2 episodes of this show. Yes, it's started already, but, much like American Idol, they seem to spend the first month or two on the audition stage. And, much like AI, the auditions are really funny. I just hope it holds my attention throughout its run better than AI, which I like, but would never Tivo to watch later.

3. Saved (TNT, 6/12)
I know next to nothing about this show, except "Watch With Kristin" says that Tom Everett Scott's character is like McDreamy, only dreamier! That's reason enough for me.

4. The Hills
I can't help it. It's shameful, I know. But I have a weakness (much like M's weakness for Beautiful People), and it was called Laguna Beach. I have no idea why I liked, no, was addicted, to that awful, shallow show. But I'd be lying through my teeth if I didn't admit that I can't wait to watch LC intern at Teen Vogue and date Jason, that loser who all the girls liked last season on LB. Yup, they're still together, and I give them 3 episodes before he cheats on her.

5. Project Runway
A brand new season starts this July on Bravo. I can't wait. Let's hope there's not another Santino, or I might through my TV out the window.

6. Windfall
I include this show not because I think it will be good (in fact, I think it will be just awful and painful to sit through), but because I feel I should always support a show a 90210 alum is on. And in this case, it's not just any alum, but Dylan McKay! He will always be Dylan, and I honestly don't know why he still acts because I'd like to think even he knows this. But regardless, I will watch at least 1 episode of this show. Hopefully in the first couple of weeks, because I don't think it'll last much longer than that.

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure I'm missing something, but hey, it's the summer and it was hard to even come up with 6 shows to watch.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

ABC Fall Preview Clips

Okay... after mistakenly finding the NBC clips, I had to check out if the other networks had them too.... I could only find one for ABC... looks like they are showing more of each show in these clips.

Click --> ABC Fall Preview Clips

Let's Rob
In Case of Emergency
Notes from the Underbelly
6 Degrees
Betty the Ugly
Men In Trees
The Nine
Brothers and Sisters
Help Me Help You
Big Day

I only watched 6 Degrees and although it tries to compare itself to Lost in the opening of the clip, it looks a lot more like craptastic What About Brian.

Also - once you play one of the inital Fall Preview Clips, it gives you all 12 links in the "Now Playing" Section.

NBC Fall Preview Video Clips

Want a Sneak Peak at some of the new shows coming out this fall? NBC has posted some video clips of their fall shows. Click HERE to see clips from:

30 Rock
Studio 60
The Black Donnellys
Friday Night Lights
20 Good Years
Andy Barker, PI
The Singles Table

After watching X3 this weekend, and now this clip, I am (if possible) even more excited for Heroes. Who is that guy flashed at the end of the clip? Well done clip - giving us something but nothing. This could be my new Alias.

Also - everyone is talking about how great 20 Good Years is going to be. From the clip, looks like a modern day Odd Couple, and doesn't seem nearly as good as 30 Rock, or even The Singles Table (which has one of the chefs from Kitchen Confidential starring in it.) And Studio 60 looks like it could be particularly underwhelming. Again, these are all from the 1 - 2 minute clips posted, and I reserve the right to change my mind after the required 3 episode watch of all of them.

BTW - its not a mistake that some shows are listed twice, they are different clips - so watch them all! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lost Season 3

Per Spoilerfix, on Lost's third season:

Next season, we will understand the real ramifications of Desmond activating the failsafe and what that did. The central issue of season three
will be what did happen. It sounds like Desmond's coming back. They said they want him back, we want to know why he was in prison, we want to know what happened when he turned that key that affected the entire island. That will become very important. The island was visible but only for an instant. It was also visible for an instant on 9/22/04 when the plane crashed. The foot statue
represents the history and archeology of the island. Season three will explore what happened on the island before Dharma arrived in the late 70's and who was there. The smoke monster will definitely be back in Season three. There is a good chance we saw the monster this year and didn't realize we were looking at it. By the end of next year we will realize what it was and when we saw it. Why
did the Others take Jack, Kate and Sawyer? Where is their home? That will be the story told over the first six episodes. Season 3 will also be about the main characters and their relationships. They want to service the relationships next year more than the mythology. How Locke got in the wheelchair, how Jack got his tattoos will be revealed in Season three.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Non-TVGuide Post Lost Interview

Mike Ausiello, of Ask Ausiello fame (one of the tv columns I read religiously!) gave a post-Lost finale interview, which didn't appear on tvguide's website. Click HERE to check it out - interesting take on a few things.

Some Alias Answers

I still think that the producers should have a post-series online web chat to answer the fans' questions - we have put a lot of thought into this show, and we deserve answers to EVERYTHING!! But for now, here are some answers:

From Kristen's online column:

After Monday night's fantastic series ender, many of you fellow fans posted on our message boards the unanswered questions still weighing heavily on your minds. Truth be told, I really wanted answers to some of them, too, so I emailed executive producer Jeff Pinkner, who graciously emailed right back the following answers.

Q: In the finale, did Irina say, "Rambaldi is alive," "Rambaldi is love" or Rambaldi "is life"?
A: "Rambaldi is life...Through him we can live forever."

Q: What was the horizon?
A: The horizon was the Rambaldi-designed glass sphere that activated the pedestal in his tomb and then received the liquid from the hovering red

Q: Did Irina fall on the sphere? In the final shot, one hand was bent behind her back after she fell. Could she have squished the ball but then have
been resurrected by it? It did take a while to work on Sloane.
A: No, the ball rolled away, presumably recovered by Syd, who would have had it destroyed.

Q: Given the actions of Nadia at the end of the show, was she truly just a figment of Sloane's imagination/conscience?
A: She was his conscience. I think killing Nadia--whom he deeply loved--caused some sort of emotional/psychotic rift for Sloane.

Q: Is Sloane going to live forever under a rock, or is he eventually going to die?
A: Sloane is immortal, living forever buried 200 feet beneath the earth.

There you have it. The classified intel. (I'm gonna miss saying that.) Unfortunately, Jeff wouldn't tackle whether the highlighted letters in the city
names or the number 47 meant anything, so I'll have to harass JJ Abrams next time I see him.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some Quick Thoughts

1. Note to the creators of Big Love: I am tired of seeing Bill Paxton's ass. You've made your point. It's HBO and you can show nudity. But please for the love of God, keep Bill Paxton and Chloe's clothes on from now on

2. 24: Boy President Logan sure can't last very long in the sack. Also, the Chinese must have had some sort of warp device to get Jack to that boat.

3. Lost: M's post made me tired just looking at it. That show seems like work.

4. Top Chef: Watching the finale tonight probably. . . Will be rooting for Harold.

4 Toes

The Lost Season Finale.... wow. Did they really give us any of the answers we were looking for? Or will Lost mimic Alias, paralleling the Dharma Initiative with Rambaldi, where the build up is so that we can never get a satisfying answer? Anyway, let's get to it:

Although he wasn't really featured in this episode, I just have to ask - what was up with him? He was really creepy in the jungle when talking to Locke about Desmond. He was really creepy in the aftermath of the non-pushing of the button. Is he on something again? Is the weird vaccine affecting him somehow? Something was just not *right*. But looks like he got his Claire back....

Eko vs. Locke
I think this can be summed with with Locke's line from last night: "I was wrong." Although we don't know if either of them survived, I think this battle of faith is over. I think Locke's faith is restored in himself, the island, and his friendship with Eko... if either of them survive.

Okay... we know he's not returning as a series regular next season, but something tells me that we have not seen the last of him... and its not going to be so easy to get off the island. We still are unresolved on *why* Walt was kidnapped ("we had a real find" in Walt, said "Henry")... but off they go. What an evil guy. With the looks Jack, Kate & Sawyer were giving him as he sailed off, he'd better hope there's something else besides the island!

The Others
Zeke is now Tom. Mrs. Klugh is now B. "Henry" is appparently in charge. They know that the survivors know that their beards/costumes are fake. They didn't seem too affected by the non-button pushing explosion. They now have Jack, Kate & Sawyer. They think that they "are the good guys". So again, we know more, but still know nothing. I love that "Henry" turned out to be the guy in charge. Remember in the hatch he said: they'll never give you Walt. Somehow, I believe that he'll follow through on that! He's going to be a season regular next for S3, so that's pretty exciting. He should definitely win some kind of award for his performance this season. (Apparently, he was only slated for a couple shows, but then he was so mind-blowingly awesome, that they converted him to a regular!!!)

Hurley and the Parrot
I definitely heard it say Hurley (after several Tivo rewinds...) How does this relate to the Polar Bear, the Shark and other animals? It makes me think that the Pilot in Season 1 was not eaten by the defense system, but by some genetically-crazed animal experiment.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer
"Wait... you guys were talking about me?" Don't play innocent, Kate... you've been playing these guys against one another since the first day on this island! I find it interesting that the others requested the love triangle, and only wanted Hurley as a messenger back to the camp. I wonder what kind of freaky experiments they might be subject to? Originally, I thought they were "cutting of the head of the beast" so to speak - by removing the "leaders", they would make the surivors of 815 weaker. But then, I think Sayid ("the only one who's been in a war"), Locke & Eko are very capable of leading, so I changed my mind.

The Hatches
The one in the "village" was a fake, as Sayid discovered, complete with a fake hatch. The Pearl tubes deposited the careful work of its inhabitants into an empty field. And the Swan is for real. I wonder what the other hatches hold? Interesting that Jack discovered Locke's drawing of the hatch map in all that mess....

So the infamous hatch resident returns! Turns out the survivors are trapped in some kind of weird snow-globe like area (bermuda triangle-ish?). So Desmond was running with a purpose as he escaped from the hatch - back to his fixed up boat (courtesy of now-dead Kelvin Inman). But little good that did him! (BTW - where did all the Dharma booze come from? I didn't see anyone else enjoying it on the beach, with the latest drop?) What else did we find out about Des? He was dishonorably discharged from the royal army, he's read every Charles Dickens book except "the Mutual Friend" (which's he's going to read right before he dies), he was dating Penny Widmore (WIDMORE!), but Daddy Widmore did not approve and broke them up, he was racing around the world for "love" in Libby's boat (was this pre-institution or post-institution Libby? And I wonder if her dead husband David will have a connection to any of our survivors... ie like Hurley's Dave?), he was in the US for awhile (so unlike the other survivors, he may not have started out in Sydney,) and he shaved every day for the first two years in the hatch, and he took his vaccine every 9 days while he was down there (btw, do we know if Claire ended up using the vaccine on herself or Aaron?) And let's not forget, his chase of Inman lead to the delay of button pushing, which ultimately caused flight 815 to crash! Although that seems like a lot of facts, that's really not a lot of information.... and of course, many more questions are raised. Good flashback!

The Washer & Dryer
The producers said on a local radio show that there was a specific purpose of the washer & dryer, and how they were a lot more modern than a lot of the other appliances in the hatch... and last night, we distinctly saw them fly towards the magnet. Was that the purpose? I hope not, and I think there still may be some kind of story to be told there!

Inman & Razinksi
What did one snowman say to the other? I smell carrots. Interesting that Kelvin repeated the same lines to Desmond - starting with "Are You Him?". (And we still don't know who the mysterious "him" is... Henry perhaps?) Kelvin Inman, if you remember, was the one that converted Sayid to become a torturer in the first Iraqi war. I wonder who else's life he's been a part of. Looks like after the war, he was *a part* of the Dharma Initiative. I wonder if all the partipants of the hatches/experiments were drafted as a part of the DI, not just a external test subjects. And it was him and Razinski who were painting the glow-in-the-dark hatch map that Locke saw in "Lockedown". But he wasn't painting it in UV lights... so did they know that the UV lights were there? Looks like it... and if they did, why didn't they just trigger the lights while they painted? And WHO THE HELL IS RAZINSKI???

Penny Widmore
The daughter of powerful gabillionaire Charles Widmore, and inlove with our Desmond... her note caused him to not kill himself (combined with Locke's questions to the island and banging on the hatch skylight), but she is engaged to someone else? Also, could be the savior of our survivors... she has a team in Siberia or someplace looking for electromagnetic anomolies... how does she know to look for that? Did she spy on her Dad? Was she initially a part of Dharma? Is she still engaged to that guy?? Ack!

And finally....
The Big Foot
"I do not know which is more disquieting, where the rest of the statue is or the fact that it only has four toes." This was the biggest mystery of them all... what the hell was that????

GREAT episode... they say that this story could be told over 8 seasons... hopefully they can keep the momentum going, and keep the ABC execs off their backs (to gain new viewership)... Good Luck for Season 3 Lost, I hope your fate is better than Alias.