Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Boys

As M mentioned in her post below, TBS's new comedy My Boys is seriously funny. It's actually good- unlike most other comedies on tv right now (with the exception of The Office, Scrubs, HIMYM, Earl.... yup, I think I got them all). If you're not watching this yet, search for the show- 4 episodes have aired so far- I'm sure TBS is running them pretty much all the time during the week.

I'm just loving everything about this show so far. The conversations don't seem forced- in fact, the "hook up" conversation from last night's ep is one I've actually had- and the chemistry between the characters is great. I'm loving the PJ-Bobby relationship- even though I think PJ will ultimately end up with best friend/roommate Brendan- and I'm sure the introduction of the grown up new guy last night will make next week's episodes hilarious.

I do have to throw in this warning for guys- as I was laughing out loud during last night's episodes (TBS is airing 2 new eps each Tuesday night), my fiance walked in the room, listened for a couple of minutes, then said, "Your show is stupid. This is like what girls think guys sit around and talk about." Really, I think he just found fault with the voiceover- the metaphors can be a bit much by the end of the episode, but it's no different than the Carrie voiceovers from Sex and the City.

So bottom line- watch this show. It's really funny and just a simple, straightforward comedy. And let's be honest, what else are you watching on Tuesday nights at 10pm?

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