Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wolverine Gets My Pity Vote

Happy New Year! (And no, February is not too late to say it.) What have I been up to lately? Read on to find out!

Battlestar Galactica
Wow... I don't understand how anyone wouldn't want to watch this show... is Kara a cylon? Or just a prophet? Who did D'Anna see in the final 5? Will Starbuck and Apollo ever get together? Who's going to be killed off (and removed from the credits!) in the final few episodes?? This is the most thought-provoking show I think I have ever watched.

Top Chef
You know, I really did hate Marcel all season long on Top Chef, but last night, I actually found myself rooting for him. Ilan just turned out to be so... sniveling. I mean, really, Sam should have taken it all, but in the context of the final two, I was hoping Marcel would rub everyone's face in their childish antics. Seeing Betty again almost gave me seizures though.

Ugly Betty
This show just keeps getting better and better! Meade (Rebecca Romijn) is coming back from the dead to take over Meade publications! I read in an article somewhere that the downfall of the Ugly Betties in other countries was when Betty got a makeover and then fell inlove with her boss. I thought last week's episode was a great tribute to that NOT happening... they clearly had night of friendship and comraderie, and I'm glad the team is back together... and it's just a bonus that Amanda has decided to turn to the dark side!

Still loving this show, but I would have to say, that it's definitely not at the same level of committment for me as Lost or Battlestar. I love every minute I watch of it, but I never feel the obsession. That being said - it's kind of nice to feel that way! They actually answer questions, but still keep the feel of the overarching mystery. There's payoff in almost every episode, which is satisfying. This is still one of my favorite things to watch every week.

Jack is back from China. Curtis is dead. Chloe is... being fought over by two guys? 24 for me is almost like working... I have to watch, because everyone else is watching, and I guess it was a big thing for them to explode the nuke in Valencia, or to reveal that Bluetooth guy is really Jack's brother.... but I'm just a little bit... tired.

Psych is back on USA, Friday nights! It's as funny as ever - it's super easy to just drop in and enjoy, so don't worry about having never seen an episode - they are all light-hearted and fun to watch on a whim.

Shows I Still Refuse To Watch: American Idol, Deal or No Deal, anything with CSI in the title.

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