Monday, April 09, 2007

Mondays with M

I'm here for my now quarterly update on what's going on with TV!

Last Week's Leftovers
Well, we're still dealing with a lot of re-runs, and I'm feeling a large hole in my television watching schedule now that BSG has had their (amazing!) finale, but there were still some good television to be watched last week!

Lost bounced back from the really bad Nicki/Paulo episode to have a great Kate flashback. I loved how in the past, she *almost* found out Sawyer's name from Cassidy. And from Kate's flashback, we now know that Cassidy wasn't conning Sawyer about Clemintine, but she was indeed pregnant. Apparently, we're going to get a big reveal in every episode from now until the end of the season. I'm really looking forward to this week's episode, where Juliet comes to the Survivor's camp and tries to fit in. I'm still not fully convinced she isn't spying on behalf of the Others, but since this week is a Juliet-centric episode, we may get some answers.

Entourage is back! Last night's mid-season premier was awesome - as I was remarking to T, I wish this was a full hour show. Watching Entourage is like eating 1 potato chip, when really I'd like to snarf down the whole bag. If I had the patience to wait (which I certainly don't!) I would love to just wait for the DVD and watch them all back-to-back. Is Ari serious with Medellan? (No clue how to spell that!) Although, I do like the new agent. And maybe since Turtle's music-management career didn't work out, he may have a knack for party planning? All-in-all a great episode to start the new batch with, especially the typical twist in the last 20 seconds.

I'd also like to insert a quick line on NBC's Thursday night comedies. This past week, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock all got extended episodes. The Office killed as usual, and I wish they were all extended episodes. 30 Rock was okay, not on par with it's best episodes, but still better than traditional sit-coms (and any show that says eating hot dogs is special-occasion worthy ranks high in my book!) Scrubs, however, was super-disappointing. Nothing against Nurse Roberts, but I Scrubs walks a fine line between funny and sappy, and this week it fell of the wire into tappioca pudding sappy. I was annoyed by the episode's end, and didn't even care that Nurse Roberts died. Hopefully, this little arc is now tied up and we can move on to funnier Scrubs episodes again.

M's Weekly Spotlight

Monday: How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8pm) returns to night with an episode on Lily & Marshall's bachelor/ette parties. How can it not be funny? Also, tune in for The Riches (FX, 10pm) - although I've never really liked Minnie Driver, I am beginning to really like this show, about a family of con artists stealing the American Dream.

Tuesday: Tuesday sucks, there's nothing on until Veronica Mars returns on May 1.

Wednesday: Lost (ABC, 10pm) has a Juliet-centric episode that is not to be missed!

Thursday: Stick to NBC for it's comedies (Earl at 8, The Office at 8:30, 30 Rock at 9), although looks like Scrubs won't be showing, with Andy Richter playing instead at 9:30 (that's fine by me!)

Friay: Painkiller Jane premiers on Friday at SciFi at 10pm. Looks like this is a blend of Alias, Dark Angel and Heroes, so why wouldn't you watch it?

Sunday: Drive premiers on Sunday on Fox at 8pm. Thank god it's from 8-9, because it may not have gained any traction at the 9pm spot competeing with Desperate Housewives and the Sopranos, or at 10, competing with Brothers and Sisters and Entourage (speaking of which , don't forget to tune in to Entourage, HBO/10pm!)


1. Pilots - The Fall 07 pilot season is shaping up now, to prepare for upfronts in about a month or so. Check out all the usual sites to see what's coming up. Nothing has grabbed my eyes like Heroes did at this time last year, but I haven't been keeping as close a watch. Stay tuned for more.

That's it for now! Check back next week for a 50/50 chance of an all new installment of Mondays with M!

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