Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Wife M is a Genius. My Wife M is a Moron

Folks, this is why someone like M is so frustrating. Her post on Anthony Bourdain and the Food Network is nothing short of brilliant (well, the link is, not the actual post, but M deserves mad props for discovering it). That is the best thing I've read on the internet in the past two weeks. Anthony Bourdain pwns.

On the other hand, the BSG post is filled with so much crazy I can hardly stand it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any show ever take a stand on "womens' rights, election tampering, closed war-trials" and nobody should ever watch a show and venture an opinion about it. A make believe TV show has nothing to with those issues, and yet it prompts all sorts of smoke-house sophistry from people that are not smart enough to debate those issues (not M of course, but others). It's like those people who watch 24 and then argue that torture is necessary because Jack Bauer does it and it works. How stupid can you possibly be?

Those 2 posts sum up my life more completely than I can write in words. My wife is a genius. My wife is a moron (but oh so pretty) .

Happy Valentine's Day!

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