Thursday, December 22, 2005


Faithul readers: (which pretty much is limited to my sister and my college roommate!)

I will be away on vacation around the world for the next two weeks... so my blogging will be on a temporary hiatus. What I'm excited for when I return:

1. My TiVo'd Project Runways
2. Scrubs is returning!!!
3. OC moving to 9pm timeslot to replace reunion - which lets me watch Alias & Smallville in peace at 8pm on Thursdays.
4. New episodes of all my fave shows which haven't been on since Thanksgiving it seems!

The new year also gives a chance to reflect on those who have left us... so lets take a moment of silence for those shows that are in a better place.... Kitchen Confidential & Reunion, we'll always remember you!

Also, hold Arrested Development in your prayers... its in a coma of sorts, and hopefully ABC or Showtime will pick it up before it finally goes to that big network in the sky.

Happy New Year!

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