Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Too Twisted... Even for Me

So I watched F/X's Nip/Tuck last night... what a sick, twisted show. The reason I tuned in for the season finale is because my favorite TV reviewers (Kristin from E!, Ask Ausiello, Matt Roush) have all been hyping the episode because of the big reveal of a serial killer, "the Carver", that has been terrorizing the show all season. By reading the spoilers, I, too, became interested in seeing who the Carver was, even though I've never watched the show in my life, and didn't know any of the characters or other plot lines. This show had every demented plot that you could think of: murder, gore, rape, incest, ad-hoc surgery, transvestites, nazis, deformed babies, cutting off members with a box cutter... I'll admit defeat the rare times it happens - but this show was just too much for me. I thought that the graphic plastic surgury scenes would be a little nauseating, but they were like Disney scenes compared to everything else.

For those of you who don't watch, here's a quick summary: basically the doctor we thought was evil from the beginning of the show (Quentin) turned out to be the Carver, as a newcomer would have guessed from the moment we see him. But the twist was so was his sister (Kit), who coincidentally also happened to detective in charge of the Carver case (we didn't know they were sibs.) And by the way, after we see them escape to Malaga after faking Quentin's death, we are led to believe that they are probably incestuous. A secondary plotline revealed that the son of one of the main characters (Matt) was forced by his ex-girlfriend's crazy nazi father to cut off his other ex-girlfriend's penis. (They broke up when the son found out that he was dating a transvestite, and beat him up, but then his plastic surgeon dad "fixed" him because he felt bad and then they became friends.) A few other things happened in the episode, but I didn't even notice compared to these two plots.

For those of you who do watch, from the boards, I gather that you are unhappy with this ending, because of many, many plot holes. I can see why - even as a first time viewer, I wasn't that upended by the reveal.

Sorry, folks, this is a show that I just can't watch... all the weird stuff aside, I can't stand a plot with holes in it....

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