Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kate's Crime & ANTM

So... let me get this straight... Kate didn't kill Wayne because he abused her mother, or because he was hitting on her... but because he was her biological father? But she still (seemingly) had a great relationship with her other father? And then her mother just gave her up to the police? Okay... at first, I thought that this was a great crime she committed, especially as he tried to grab her just before she blew him up, but when she went into her explanation, it made her seem so.... sappy. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episode, but I definitely like her a little less. And now are Kate and Sawyer together? Argh, I love this show, but it will never be Alias to me.

Also... while waiting for Lost to come on, I watched my first full episode of America's Next Top Model... the reason I even bothered was because over thanksgiving break, I got to watch an episode of Tyra Banks' talk show, which I've heard is doing quite well... well the episode had a mini version of ANTM, and I kind of got into it, so I thought, why not watch the real thing? I can see why this show is so popular! Honestly, I normally hate reality tv, but this was kind of fun, because the girls are so stupid, and you know how I love to judge those kind of people! There was a whole "situation" where some girl ate some other girl's granola bar, so the second girl poured the first girl's red bull down the sink, and then REFUSED TO APOLOGIZE! What drama! Anyway, its almost a parody of itself, with Tyra as the ringleader, but still pretty enjoyable to watch. I don't know if its making the TiVo season pass or anything, but the next time I surf through, I may not be so quick to change the channel.

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