Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Thoughts

Ok, we're a few weeks into the fall season now. This has been an unusually good premiere season and, as a result, the number of hours I'm spending in front of the tv is at an all time high! I've been forced to cut some shows I otherwise would have given a chance - below are the shows that are still in my DVR:


Desperate Housewives - Definitely better this season. I still don't really care about the overarching mystery with Orson (so he killed his wife... or he didn't.... and Bree once again is with a deranged psycho... I don't care). But overall the plotlines are much better - except for Lynette and Tom - seriously, dump him. Stop supporting him and make him get a job!!

Brothers & Sisters - I'm not entirely sure why I'm still watching this show, especially with all of the other choices out there. It's pretty soapy, and definitely melodramatic. In fact, last night a friend even asked if I was watching SoapNet. But for now I don't see better alternatives on Sundays, so I'm sticking with it. It's a good background show.


Heroes - My favorite new show. The show keeps getting better, and I'm liking the pace - it's not too slow, the characters are interesting, and though the show raises 5 questions for each answer it provides, I'm loving it.

Studio 60 - I still really like this show. I'm hoping the show gets picked up for an entire season (about a 50/50 chance I've read, as the ratings drop a little lower every week). The Matt-Harriett storyline is grating on my nerves a little bit, but that was to be expected.

Prison Break - The initial infatuation has definitely worn off. I still really like this show, but in a 24 kind of way. One week it's edge of your seat fantastic, the next week the stories are so outrageous I'm mad at myself for even watching (well, to be fair, the stories are often outrageous, but the episodes are just too uneven - again, much like 24).

What About Brian - I was one of the few people who saw every episode last spring. I didn't think the show was good - in fact, I spent most of the hour yelling at evil Deena (really, an open marriage? What did you think would happen? Stupid, stupid woman). Last week's premiere was a *slight* improvement over last season. I'll keep watching because I'm already sucked in for some bizarre reason, but I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into my Beautiful People (see M's unexplicable obssession with that show - and sadly, I already have a really bad show I'm into). Maybe the new characters they're adding will make things better.


Gilmore Girls - So I guess this season is better than the disasterous season we just had - but it's still not as great as a few years ago, which makes it hard to watch at times for me (much like Alias - the first and second seasons were so great, and the next three really didn't compare - sometimes not at all - so that while season 3 is good in comparison to seasons 4 and 5, it still doesn't hold a candle at all to season 2... and by the last season I still loved the show for what it was and watched it out of loyalty, but the final 8 episodes might as well be a different show from the first couple of seasons).

Veronica Mars - I'm liking the mini-mysteries. It's only been 2 episodes, but so far VM is as good as ever. We've only seen one episode of Piz, and I'm sad to say that I didn't totally despise him. He and Wallace are cute together, and it's sweet how he's already totally in love with Veronica (seriously though, who wouldn't be????) He better not be the reason Veronica and Logan break up (I have confidence in Rob Thomas that he won't be) . I'm definitely dreading "bad Logan" - I'm a big LoVe fan - and all I can say is that RT better give us more scenes with V&L together, as it's common knowledge he's breaking them up soon!!


Lost - How great is the start of this season?!!! The season premiere was fantastic, and last week's Sun/Jin centered episode was a great follow up. I initially questioned why we were getting Sun & Jin in week 2 when we haven't even seen Locke/Eko/Charlie yet (this week's episode will be a Locke flashback), but it totally worked. We're meeting the 2 new characters this week, and I can't wait to see where this season is heading.

The Nine - I haven't had a chance to see this show yet. I have the first 2 episodes on DVR waiting for me, and I've heard great things from M about it, so I'm looking forward to it!!


Grey's Anatomy - Last week's episode is what Grey's does best - it was funny (see, Meredith getting high on pain medication and talking about all her boyfriends) and also incredibly sad (Izzie with Denny's dad - it definitely had me tearing up). This show can do no wrong in my opinion.

Ugly Betty - Probably the funniest new show so far. I was laughing out loud during Betty's makeover last week, especially when she was walking down the street with Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" playing.


Battlestar Gallactica - I finally caved. M's been raving about this show for a while now, and I didn't entirely believe her when she said it wasn't that sci-fi heavy. I trusted that this wasn't Star Trek (we both are so not fans!), but still, a show with that title on the Sci-Fi network? Suspect. But I finally sat down with the mini-series and the first two seasons a few weeks ago. It took me a while to get into it, but now I'm totally hooked. The new season is amazing - my only complaint is that I need more!! I'm used to watching it on the DVD so this one hour a week thing is killing me!! But seriously, you should try this show. I am really not into sci-fi (shows like Grey's Anatomy are much more my speed), but this show is really well written, and the characters are amazing. Watch it!!!!

As you can see, my tv schedule is pretty stacked right now. I haven't included all of the old favorites I'm still watching (e.g. The Office), and this list isn't even counting the new shows I want to watch but haven't had a chance to yet (The Nine, 30 Rock). I didn't even give a chance to some new shows since I was already feeling overwhelmed (Friday Night Lights), and I'm hoping I made the right decisions!!

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Anonymous said...

Funny about BSG. I found a copy of the miniseries on one of my VCR tapes a few weeks ago. Ended up watching it and was hooked. I quickly watched S1 and S2 just so I could watch the S3 premiere on Oct. 6. It's a great great show! I can see why everyone keeps praising it.