Friday, February 24, 2006

ABC Is My New Santino

So... March is around the corner, and all we know about Alias' final return is that ABC has cut the season's episode order from 22 to 17... this means that there are only EIGHT episodes left to wrap up 5 year's worth of questions. This is insanity. This is one of the best tv series ever made - it deserves the time to wrap up everything it needs to. I suppose if the first episode back and the season finale are both 2 hours long, then at least its equivalent to 10 episodes, but I still feel cut short by 3 eps.

Read about it HERE.

Speaking of the rat Santino, how upset are you that he is going to Olympus Fashion Week??? It really should have been Nick, Chloe and Daniel V, who have all been very consistently good throughout the season. Although I was upset that this week was a "reunion" episode, I have to say that I got immense pleasure watching Guadalupe speak - she was bombed out of her mind on *something*!! If you skipped the Project Runway reunion show for any reason, catch a rerun on Bravo this weekend - its actually quite entertaining, and shows some "never before seen clips".

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