Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wednesday Night Sci-Fi's

Wow! Lost was great last night! Here are my three favorite moments from last night:

1. Sayid being condescending to Ana-Lucia
2. The smirk the captive gave Sayid as the armory door closed.
3. Sawyer stumbling on Hurley eating the ranch dip.

As always, last night's episode, just raised more questions... here are my ruminations:

1. Wasn't Kate's dad (or at least the dad who raised her) in the army? Did he have any connection to Sayid?
2. When that general told Sayid that he gave him a skill that he would have to use later in his life - was he referring to the torture work that Sayid did for Iraq or the torture work that Sayid has had to do on the Island?
3. What did Hurley trip over as he was going to the frog? (Didn't Boone & Locke first found the hatch by Boone tripping over it?)
4. What did those red symbols on the countdown clock mean?? I saw a stick (EKO?), a bird, and what resembled a hair pin... did anyone else get a better glance? (I'm sure there's screen shots on
6. What the hell is Rousseau doing in the jungle besides capturing strange guys? Did she capture him on purpose because she was spying on him, or did he just fall into one of her pre-set traps?
7. Was Sayid's question to Charlie conspiratorial or accusatory????

Anyway, that was the best episode in a long time... I'm excited for the Claire episode next week with the new hatch, and the Jin/Sun flashback in two weeks... its getting good people!

Speaking of good... haven't talked about Invasion for awhile... everything I asked the producers to deliver on in the beginning of the season to raise the ranking of the show from "good potential" to "great show" they have!! (You know I have a personal link to the producers!) They are great at answering some questions, while posing more... a la Alias. This is quickly rising in my favorite shows list!

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