Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ed gets Cancelled Again

According to Kristin (from EOnline) Love Monkey is officially cancelled. Gee, really?

I am sad to see Tom Cavanaugh go.. but maybe they can give him a new role now, one that isn't Ed again, and again, and again (anyone remember Ed's trip to the Hospital on Scrubs as JD's "older brother"?)

Speaking of Scrubs... I know this season is supposed to be "For the real fans", which I've always considered myself a part of... but does anyone else get the feeling that they might be trying just a *little* too hard? Yes, its still one of the funniest shows on TV, but with each episode its straying more from absurdly funny to formula funny... thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I think that the "ed" role fits tom cavanagh. OMG have seen him play a bad guy. Yeah like he did in a movie called "the heart of the storm". Oh his acting sucked. OMG he did no have me convenced at all!
BTW does Tom have a tatoo, he mentioned this in a article that I have read!
If you want to see Tom Cavanagh on some other show my bet is that it will take another 2 years to see him on a new pilot.
Hopefully we well get lucky and see him sooner! :)

M said...

Yes, he really does play the "Ed" role really well... I would love to seem him in more romantic comedies on the silver screen... if Ed got cancelled (which was a GREAT show!) they it seems unlikely that the same role in similar shows will pick up the necessary audience to keep it on the air... Ed as a bad guy sounds like a terrible idea... i'll have to netflix it just to see how bad it was!!