Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Forgot One

I also managed to watch the first episode of TNT's Saved. It's really good! I do love watching Tom Everett Scott do that thing he does. Basically, TES is a paramedic, who dropped out of med school a few years ago, much to the chagrin of his Head of the Department father. His ex-girlfriend dumped him (which I think is the reason he dropped out) and now she's not only working at one of the hospitals he takes his patients too, but she's about to move in with some boring fuddy-duddy (btw, she told him this after one last tryst in the ambulance). His ambulence partner is divorced (never married?) and has a son, who lives with his mother and her new husband. The other ambulence is driven by a hardened female and a newbie driver from the midwest, who is the comic relief because he goofs up everything. A kind of cool thing they do is they do 5 second "flashbacks" of photograph stills of what led up to the reason why the paramedics were called in the first place. It's cool pretty cool, and adds to the story without wasting precious plot minutes. I think their tag line to the ego-maniacal explains it all: "We do everything you do, but at 60 mph."

Check it out, its a good one. And TES is yummy.

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