Thursday, June 01, 2006

NBC Fall Preview Video Clips

Want a Sneak Peak at some of the new shows coming out this fall? NBC has posted some video clips of their fall shows. Click HERE to see clips from:

30 Rock
Studio 60
The Black Donnellys
Friday Night Lights
20 Good Years
Andy Barker, PI
The Singles Table

After watching X3 this weekend, and now this clip, I am (if possible) even more excited for Heroes. Who is that guy flashed at the end of the clip? Well done clip - giving us something but nothing. This could be my new Alias.

Also - everyone is talking about how great 20 Good Years is going to be. From the clip, looks like a modern day Odd Couple, and doesn't seem nearly as good as 30 Rock, or even The Singles Table (which has one of the chefs from Kitchen Confidential starring in it.) And Studio 60 looks like it could be particularly underwhelming. Again, these are all from the 1 - 2 minute clips posted, and I reserve the right to change my mind after the required 3 episode watch of all of them.

BTW - its not a mistake that some shows are listed twice, they are different clips - so watch them all! Enjoy!

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