Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't Watch Tonight

I've never seen Commander in Chief because frankly, it looks quite stupid. It has a crappy impossible premise (A woman will never be president, their periods make them crazy and emotional), a washed up actress lead, and it seems very boring to me. M's post made me want to go to sleep. I concocted reasons why I thought the show and its characters were stupid after reading her post.

Mackensie "Mac" Allen: Mac sounds like a guy's name from a 1940s movie. Also, why the hell would a Republican or Democrat have an independent as a VP? That's incredibly stupid. Almost as stupid as keeping your maiden name when you get married. Married women are property as far as I understand it. Plus Geena Davis is not attractive. This whole show would be better if they made the president hot. . . I think Giselle or Jessica Alba would have been a much better choice.

Rod Calloway: Wow he sounds like an incredibly pathetic insecure guy. He probably talks about his feelings alot. That sure makes for compelling television

Horrace, Rebecca & Amy Calloway: Besides for George Michael in Arrested Developement, kids should not be in TV shows. These subplots seem very Gilmore Girlish. How can kids be in the show anyway, everybody knows that a woman with a job can't have kids!

Nathan Templeton: Oh my gosh the bad guy is an evil white Republican male???? How clever of the writers.

Jim Gardner: Real men don't "struggle internally" unless you're talking about a bowel movement. This guy sounds like an even bigger vagina than the husband.

Kelly Ludlow: A woman as press secretary that went to Princeton? As far as I understand it, most women aren't able to read or write and Princeton doesn't even admit women. That's some faulty research by the writers right there.

So there you have the reasons why all these characters suck. This is why you shouldn't watch tonight. You should watch My Name is Earl followed by The Office. I think college football is on as well. God M's viewing habits make me want to hurt myself.

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ItsTJoint said...

T - I probably should pick games against the spread, but since (a) my picks have sucked cock and balls at the same time and (b) I write them up hungover on Saturdays and I'm too lazy to look up the line, then I'll probably just stick with the current format. Besides, if I started picking with the spread then I know I would start gambling.heavily.