Monday, November 14, 2005

Too Many Cooks...

So, along with Arrested Development, Bradley Cooper's Kitchen Confidential also got cancelled... how Fox can cancel a show after its only aired twice is a mystery to me... what's more of a mystery to me is how Freddie (also a show about a chef, but terrible) is going 4 or 5 episodes strong, with no signs of it being cancelled... how wrong is that? Bradley Cooper is a million times the actor that Freddie Prince Jr. is (also, you're not 12 anymore, must you insist upon going by "Freddie"???) To continue my list of annoyances with this whole situation, the Alias reunion on KC was supposed to happen tonight with guest star Michael Vartan, but they even postponed that until December after sweeps, bumping it for repeats of Prison Break instead. This is all Baseball's fault - if Fox didn't have to break for a million episodes just for baseball, I bet KC would have gained momentum and stayed on the air.

Well, I'll still tell you to watch - maybe Fox will give its new show a chance once its actually aired it.... keep an eye out for new eps in December!

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