Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hands Off Ladies!

The other day T came up to me, looking kind of sad - "You were right!" he said. Now as you can guess, these words are rarely uttered from his mouth (to be fair, its not like they're pouring out of mine all the time, but that's because I am always right.) So of course, I had to know about what.... "Laguna Beach isn't real... they only tape on Thur - Sat and if something interesting happens during the other times, then they have to re-enact it..." (key word here being re-enACT....). So you're saying that (long pause) reality tv isn't REAL?????????? ALERT THE MEDIA.

Don't be jealous now girls, T is all mine. Gosh, he's such a manly man.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Jason is also a paid actor they found in the mall and wanted to be on the show. He doesn't actually go to Laguna High (or whatever the school may be called)... just in case the reality tv wasn't fake enough already.