Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Okay, now I normally love Las Vegas, but last night's demise of Monica (Laura Flynn Boyle) was a little over the top - the concept could have been really cool if it was executed properly - but the whole thing was so... hokey. I mean, its not even like the gust really carried her fast! Danny could have totally saved her if he wanted to. Also, Mary's boobs have got to be put back in her dress. They are looking so saggy, you have to look away. I am excited for Dean Cain's return though - Sam Marquez is definitely the best character, and I like seeing her interact with her ex. I guess we still have yet to learn who will "never set foot in the Montecito again" - hopefully, this time they will put some effort into it.

Channel surfing over to How I Met Your Mother... love the Erikson family recipe for Thanksgiving salad (16 cups of mayo will make anything delicious!) This show has so much potential, I almost wish it wasn't on CBS (aka, the old person's network)...

From Sunday, Desperate Housewives is starting to seem more like a chore than anything else... and its way overdue for creepy George to leave...

Over the weekend I got booted from the TiVo by T and the boys watching Sunday Ticket (this is a weekly event), and I caught Spanglish on HBO - I love this movie so much... this is when I really saw that Adam Sandler was a good actor. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it! (Although, you may never be able to take Tea Leoni seriously again!)

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