Friday, November 11, 2005


I am just thrilled with Alias this season... its like falling in love all over again. I've loved Rachel's quote last night: "I'm just going to put on my strappy shoes and my teeny dress... and by this time tomorrow we'll see if I can do it or not." Rachel's story is running quite parallel to Syd's Season 1 with the whole leaving an evil org to join the real CIA... the question is this: is it TOO perfectly parallel? Could Rachel be evil? I think I would like her even better if she were... (I started loving Lauren Reed after she turned out evil.) This would be even better, because Sydney never liked Lauren, so it made everyone feel better when she turned... but we all like Rachel, how heart-wrenchingly awesome would it be if she was evil all along too? I don't think she works for Dean, but maybe she's a big part of the Prophet 5 gang? Speaking of Dean - he's a terrible bad guy. To be honest, he just doesn't seem smart enough to lead a large terrorist organization... and while I was liking Amy Acker this season so far, her acting last night was terrible, and I'm ready for Rachel to get rid of her now (need I remind you of the terribly emotionless line "You bitch... I was going to feel bad about killing you, but now its just going to be fun"). All in all, it was still a great episode - I enjoy watching Renee Rienne in action, and Sydney using her pregnancy again and again as her aliases... Also, I think enough was said last night to believe that Sydney had nothing to do with Vaughn's death. (Yes, Vaughn is dead, get over it.) However, Jack's involvement could still be questionable... Can't wait until next week!!!

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