Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Not Angry, Just Disappointed

I finally got around to watching Bill Lawrence's (of Scrubs fame) new sitcome on - Nobody's Watching. Apparently, this is the show to watch, because the pilot got dissed, and it somehow got resurrected on the popular video website. I wished it stayed buried.

Nobody's Watching is about two twenty-something friends from Ohio, who get called on by the WB to be in a reality show/create a new sit-com (The Comeback anyone?) This show doesn't know where the parody of sit-coms ends and the beginnings of a real sit-com begins. From the unlikeable characters to the "fake" audience laugh track (which is annoying in a very real way), this show misses on every note. And the big-bad-tv executives are so hackneyed that they actually make Lorren Michaels' self-mocking on SNL look like good acting. Take a look for yourself (Links below)... but if you're looking for a Scrubs or Arrested Development, I suggest you go to your Netflix queue instead, and just rent the real thing. BTW - there are three parts, but they are just the same pilot split up for sizing reasons, not three different episodes.

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