Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Long Time Ago... We Use To Be Friends

So... over the long weekend, my Veronica Mars interest went from "this is a neat show I could watch" to "I NEED TO WATCH THE NEXT SHOW IMMEDIATELY". I zoomed past season one, and have started watching season two (I just finished episode 9 last night when T dragged me to a party to watch the fireworks... damn T and his social ways.) I tried to watch an episode of Windfall inbetween VM episodes and the caliber of the show was so blindingly bad after watching eight continuous hours of VM that I deleted Windfall from TiVo's Season Pass.

With that taken care of, what am I still watching this summer?

1. Veronica Mars (all episodes leading to Season 3 premiere this fall)
2. Entourage (now even better with Dom leaving... he got old real quick)
3. So You Think You Can Dance (definitely in FF... I can't stand listening to Nigel or Mary... and if Benji/Donyelle get voted off, then I'll just stop watching)
4. Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia (I don't know how I missed this last season, but it is really funny. You know what it would be beautifully paired with? Starved. Damn you FX.)
5. Project Runway (Season 3 kicks off in just a few days!!)

Also, Psych, a new show about a fake psychic working on detective cases is starting soon on USA... I'll give it a try, because it seems to be getting lots of kudos, but we'll see if it's good enough to last.

Finally, for those of you who enjoy spoilers as much as I do, looks like July is starting to bring back tasty tid-bits for the fall premiers. Check out Spoilerfix for details on Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Las Vegas, Smallville, Supernatural, Veronica Mars and others.

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