Wednesday, July 05, 2006

WWMW: Mondays

Because its impossible to ask me to do "real" work after a 4.5 day weekend, I'm going to start my weekly series, of "What Would M Watch?" This series will consist of breaking down each night of network television for the upcoming 2006 fall season... please note, for now, this will just consist of Network shows... I don't have information on any Cable shows yet (i.e. Battlestar Galactica), and where they will fit into the schedule.

ABC: The alphabet is off to a slow start on Mondays with Wife Swap and The Bachelor/Supernanny - reality TV is *so* over. Yes, you're seeing right, I am giving What About Brian another chance, just because its JJ Abrahms and because the powers that be have promised a re-tooled show. I have a feeling it won't last, but curiousity did get the best of me.

CBS: The week starts strong for CBS with returning hit How I Met Your Mother. Will we meet Ted's wife to be this summer? Or will the show focus on the Ted/Robin romance? We already know that Lily and Marshall get back together (their relationship is based on the producer's, who is happily married to his Lily.) But will Barney find love? The Class isn't really grabbing my attention - a sit com about "the lives of a group of twenty-somethings from the same third-grade class brought back together for a surprise reunion after 20 years." Although produced by Friends' David Crane, sounds pretty bland. And while I don't mind tuning in for an episode here and there of Two and a Half Men, it certainly isn't something I schedule. Christine isn't even worth a synopsis (how Elaine has fallen). And you all know how I feel about CSI (its the reason that people think television makes you stupid.)

NBC: The Peacock is the clear winner on Monday nights. Although it starts with make-me-want-to-stab-myself Deal or No Deal, its starting the week with its two biggest bets: Heroes, which I've made no attempts of hiding that I think this will be my new favorite show, and Studio 60, which I think will be one of the letdowns of the new season, but will all the buzz, could be decent. (Plus who wouldn't want to watch a few more seasons of Chandler-isms... it worked out *so* well for Joey.)

Fox: Although I myself am not a fan of Prison Break, it will probably do tremendously in its timeslot considering it has no competition whatsoever. I'm pretty excited for newcomer Vanished... Fox has been going nuts promoting it during its summer shows, and who doesn't enjoy a centuries old mystery combined with a good old-fashioned kidnapping?! It's competing against Heroes on NBC, but TiVo will take care of that for me.

CW: The new Network scores a big ZERO from me for Monday nights. The return of 7th Heaven is the most ridiculous decision I've ever heard of. And I could not be less interested in the new Runaway, a story about "a family on the run, hiding from the legal system that unjustly convicted [the father] of a terrible and violent crime."

Final Thoughts: The Tuesday morning watercooler will center around Prison Break, Heroes & Vanished. People will watch Studio 60, but won't care enough to think about it. What About Brian will be off the air by January.

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