Thursday, July 13, 2006

WWMW: Tuesdays

Continuing this new weekly series, let's take a look for what's slated on Tuesday's this fall....

ABC: Ooohh... starting your night with Reality TV during the "real" season is not a good idea. Dancing With the Stars is getting stale and who cares what it's going to be replace by. At 9, ABC pairs two of its new comedies: Knights of Prosperity (formerly Let's Rob...., formerly Let's Rob Mick Jagger) and Help Me Help You. Knights is all about a group of buddies who plan to rob - you guessed it - Mick Jagger. Looks like its Fully-Monty meets Ocean's Eleven, but not as funny, slick or daring as either of them. I think I'll skip. Help Me Help You is about Ted Danson holding a group therapy session, but maybe *he* is the craziest of all... um, yeah, I'll holdmy breath about that one. Finally the night ends with Boston Legal, which while not my cup of tea, does pretty well, but is up against some interesting competition.

CBS: Again, CBS is off to a slow (but audience filled) start with NCIS. When will America stop watching this drivel? It's followed by last year's mid-season hit, The Unit. I'll admit that I was slightly captivated by Unit when it first came out, but they started piling up on the TiVo, and I stopped caring. I have a feeling that it's going to drop off my season pass list by October, and drop off the face of the Earth by December. But then again, you can always count on CBS fans to like boring crap, especially the more boring and the more crappy it gets. Finally, the night ends with Smith. Originally, this Ray Liotta "bad guy" show didn't really ring my bell (as you can tell by its non-highlightedness). But as the critics are getting through their tapes, this one seems like one of the hits of the season. Its being compared to great crime capers like Ocean's Eleven and The Italian Job (the one with Marky-Mark, not the terrible old one). So, I've decided to give it a try.

NBC: Starts off the night with critics fave Friday Night Lights. Now, during the fall season, I get my fill of football what with T and his idiot-mobile of friends piling into our little NYC living room for college football on Saturdays and NFL Sunday ticket on Sundays (damn you directv!!). However, I did like The Program, Necessary Roughness, Remeber the Titans, and yes, Varsity Blues. So with everyone raving about it, I'll at least give it a try or two. This is followed by two straight hours of Law & Order - yawn.

FOX: Fox's new drama - Standoff - starts the night off with two of my favorite actors: Gina Torres (Anna Espinosa from Alias) and Ron Livingston (Officespace, Sex and the City). However, this show looks *TERRIBLE*. The plot is that these are two hostage negotiating partners that are sleeping together. That's it. No twist. Fox, you've done it again - I bet it runs for eight seasons, while Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential Rest In Peace. Mid-season this timeslot will be taken by Idol - who cares? There is only one success story from this show, and that it Kelly Clarkson. I don't understand why people watch this show. This is followed by now-well-paid House (he's reported to have his salary upped to $300k/episode starting with season 3.) I've never watched House, but I've heard good things. It's really neither here nor there for me.

CW: Finally we have our baby chick the CW. Tuesday have them pairing Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars - a match that fans have been begging for. I'm not actually a GG watcher, but I bet I would love it. Although, many fans might dessert the show now that the Palladinos are gone from behind the camera. And with my new obsession with VM, you bet I'll be tuning in!! In fact, everyone should be tuning in - if Veronica isn't well watched in the first half of its season, not only will it be cut to a short season, but it might join Lily and be cut permanently.

Final Thoughts: I know Veronica Mars will stick for me all season, and maybe Smith if it's as good as everyone says it is, but other than that, it will be a quiet night for me. I predict Fox will get rid of Standoff almost immediately, and that L&O will remain steady. If ABC keeps According to Jim around, that means they'll keep just about anything - plus, you wouldn't want to piss of Mick Jagger (Ted Danson? who cares.)

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