Friday, September 02, 2005

Judging MetroNorth Railroad and the MTA

I'd like to take a quick break from judging TV shows to judge the MetroNorth Railroad, the commuter rail from New York City to surrounding areas, run by New York's Transit Authority, the MTA. I HATE THEM - they are corrupt, incompetent, and just down right idiotic.

Case 1: I am a long-time commuter, so I normally buy monthly passes. In August, I was away for awhile, and when I returned, I only had 12 days of travel left in the month - so it didn't seem right that I would spend the $184 on a montly pass that I normally use for 20+ days of travel. But after I did the calculations, it turns out that I would actually SAVE $4 to get a monthly, rather than get 2 weeklys - HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT???? What is the point of having weeklys??

Case 2: Yesterday was the first day of the month, and I completely forgot to buy a new pass - normally within the first few days of the month when this happens, the conductors remind you that a new month has started, and take your old pass so that you remember to get a new pass. INSTEAD, they refused to take my pass, and charged me $14 for a ONE-WAY ticket - this is ON TOP of the $184 I have to still spend on my monthly. IT IS SUCH B.S.

Case 3: The MTA sucks.

You know - over the years, between my MetroNorth pass and my subway pass, I give close to $275 a month to the MTA - it comes out to a lot over time. You would think they would give some leeway to us frequent fliers - instead, they just try and squeeze every last cent from you. The beauracracy of it all makes me want to cry.

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