Monday, September 19, 2005

Mike Tice is a Gorilla

Seriously, I know this is a TV blog, but after their performance yesterday, The Vikings don't even belong on TV. I think an Arena League team could have put up a better effort than they did on Sunday. It was disgusting.

Why does football season have to be ruined for me every year?

High Point: Please.

Low Point: Chad Johnson's 80 yard touchdown catch, T.J. Houshmanzadah's reverse for a touchdown, Cincy's 337 yards of offense in the first half, Michael Bennett's 2 turnovers, Duante Culpepper's 5 turnovers, etc.

Actually, the low point was knowing that I am a Vikings fan and I have 14 more weeks of this. Pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

T- How come you profile has only been viewed 8 times and M's has been viewed 24? Are you not as cool? Also... both the profiles are boring... couldn't you add something interesting for us to read? Even a lie?