Monday, September 26, 2005

Making the Cut

So, since I was traveling all last week, I finally got a chance to catch up with all the new fall shows that premiered for '05... it was interesting, and a lot of shows failed to make the cut for my TV schedule for fall 05. Here's the results of Round 1 (I'll update on my returning favorites soon...):

The War at Home: If this is supposed to be funny, then I would like to be left for dead on the battlefield. While I'm not a candidate for PC-person of year, showing outrage at a possible gay son is stale humor and just didn't do it for me.
Final Answer: No

Beautiful People: I feel like a crack addict - I know this stuff is bad for me, probably making me stupid, and T may just leave me for saying this, but I'm going to finish up the season and watch the finale tonight. Terrible, terrible show, and I don't recommend it at all - I want to cry for myself.
Final Answer: Sadly, Yes.

Rome: I was sick of studying Roman history to watch TV. The show got too complicated for my simple mind, so I stopped watching. However, T (who was against the show to start with) is now a fan. Go figure.
Final Answer: No

How I Met Your Mother: I have a feeling this show is going to be good. Doogie is doing a good job as the idiot best friend, and I like seeing "band camp" girl pretty much reprises her American Pie role - she was funny then, and she continues to be here. The one-liners are pretty strong, which is pretty much what a comedy needs to sustain itself.
Final Answer: Yes

Kitchen Confidential: I'm going to call this show "What Will Tippin is doing while he's under the Witness Protection Program". (For you non-Alias fans, BC used to be a regular.) It looks pretty funny - I like the band of misfits he's put together and this show definitely had a strong start.
Final Answer: Yes

Prison Break: Sorry Prison Break - I already have too much to watch, and it just didn't keep my attention... I saw on the TiVo that I was two shows behind and just didn't care enough to catch up. Its officially deleted from the Season Pass List.
Final Answer: No

My Name Is Earl: This show is hilarious. I love Jason Lee, and Jaime Presley as the hillbilly wife totally cracked me up. Any show that makes fun of Caron Daley is definitely a keeper.
Final Answer: Yes

Supernatural: I couldn't even care enough to watch the season premier. There is absolutely no buzz on this show, so since I like to follow the water cooler pack, I'm just going to delete from TiVo.
Final Answer: No

Reunion: This show is a pretty cool concept - I think it could definitely do more with its premise, but I like it anyway. I hope they get a *little* more creative on the suspense piece - its more that I feel like I should be pondering certain questions rather than I actually wonder them. It doesn't have the same feel as a Desperate Housewives, which is what I think its aiming for, but the acting and the plot is good enough to keep coming back.
Final Answer: Yes

Starved: I know I've said this before, but any show with the motto "Its Not Okay" wins my vote. Unfortunately the season is over, and I heard its probably not going to get renewed. When it comes out on DVD, I strongly recommend you get it.
Final Answer: Yes

Twins: This show sucks.
Final Answer: No, No, No


Anonymous said...

I kind've liked prison break... and the guy is hot! I think you should've reconsidered

M said...

The guy is definitely hot - but there are just much hotter guys on at the same time slot - namely Josh Duhamel on Las Vegas - and JD can act. I always said I'd watch as long as nothing better was on - well that's just not true anymore!