Friday, September 16, 2005

Lost - 100; Grey's Anatomy - 0

So.... I have finally started watching Lost. (I know, a little late.) But, this was part of a master plan, that is totally working out just as I hoped it would. I knew that lost was produced by J.J. Abrams, the producer of my favorite show in the whole world, Alias. I knew that JJ is all about cliffhangers, so I thought - why torture myself with a season's worth of cliffhangers, when I can just watch all the shows at once right before Season 2 starts. Thank god I did it this way - this show is AWESOME. Now, its not going to top Alias or anything, but it is still really, really, really good. If you haven't already, watch season 1 right now. And then start watching again on September 28.

Now, you're probably wondering why Grey's Anatomy is in the title.... its because I had the same plan for it. Not for the same reasons (I didn't think that the show would be nail-bitingly suspenseful or anything) but more because it didn't really catch my interest, so I thought I'd watch over the summer, and if I liked it, I'd invest myself in Season 2. BUT, they haven't released the DVD yet - how stupid is this? The only reason I'm going to watch Lost this season, is because I am able to go through the entire first sesason BEFORE season 2 starts... now, why would i watch G.A.? I have no clue what's going on, and there's no good way for me to catch up (I hate network synopsis pages.) I know this is supposed to be the next big show, but so far I am unimpressed enough with the handling of the logistics, that it may be removed from my fall schedule.

Lost High Point: Alias type cliffhangers and sci-fi suspense.
Lost Low Point: The frustration of Alias type questions that look like they won't be answered for seasons at a time (but its a good kind of frustration!)

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