Tuesday, September 20, 2005

M is a TiVo Hog

Last night, as I settled down to watch Monday Night Football, I noticed that a multitude of shows were scheduled to record.

8:00 PM: Arrested Development- This show is funny, no problem here, plus I could still watch football on the other receiver

8:30 PM: How I Met Your Mother/Kitchen Confidential- So now I can't watch football on my big screen TV, due to Neil Patrick Harris being prominently involved. Are you kidding me?

9:00 PM: Prison Break/Las Vegas- I've seen Las Vegas before and it's okay (it's certainly not at the level M attributes to it), but I don't see where the hell Prison Break is going. Not that I've ever watched it. . . I'm still in the bedroom watching football on my little TV.

9:30 PM: Prison Break/Las Vegas- Both of these shows are an hour, so football is still being compromised by lame TV

10:00 PM: Laguna Beach: The Real OC- M's programs are now done. . . Order is restored.

High Point: The end of the Cowboys/Redskins game was pretty awesome

Low Point: Having to watch football on the tiny TV in the bedroom because M is a TiVo hog. . . Did I mention that she's not even at home? So she's hogging the TiVo from a distance, she could easily watch some of those shows at her hotel room. Also, it's lame that she's posting anonymous comments about how people have viewed her profile more (see entry below). How very childish.

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