Tuesday, September 27, 2005

You won't be back

From WaPo chat:

Chantilly, Va.: Paul: any thoughts on the non-renewal of The Comeback on HBO? I was one of the devoted watchers. I liked it a lot.

Paul Farhi: A shame. A real shame. Lisa Kudrow was extraordinary. It almost hurt to watch that thing. Bring it back.

Another weight on the TiVo bites the dust. I always love watching M's shows wither away and die one by one. . .it's funny how shocked she gets when she finds out she's literally the only one out there who's amused by Neil Patrick Harris or Lisa Kudrow (although apparently Paul Farhi is also amused. . . someone should set up those two)

Also, Lisa Kudrow was extraordinary only if you find incredibly annoying characters compelling. That show sucked. Good riddence.

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Anonymous said...

That is some GREAT news! The show was torture!