Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Try skipping breakfat fatty.

Nobody knows what I have to live with.

M watched Beautiful People again last night. She's currently watching that abortion of a movie, The Wedding Date. 15 year old girls have better taste. The sad part is I know I will also probably have to give her the TV for the beginning of football season, so she can watch the OC.

Also, I was flipping around during the FSU-Miami game last night (which may have been the worst big time college football game ever) and I noticed that the "super hot" girl on "My Super Sweet 16" was fat. I love it when that happens. It makes me laugh. All her money isn't going to change the fact that she'll be some guy's last resort at the end of the night in a couple years. You know she secretly hates herself inside.

Try skipping breakfat fatty

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