Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Good Morning Saigon

The Greek tragedy that was M missing the 3rd episode of So You Think You Can Dance has thrown the blog into chaos. Despite all the theatrics, M has taken me off suspension and allowed me to start posting again. It's interesting how I had to sit through another episode of Beautiful People again last night, but Entourage has one poor episode and M ends up making all sorts of "jump the shark" claims.

Sunday's episode continued the recent trend of below-average episodes. The Sundance Kids was clearly the best episode in the series, and I think the show has had some trouble transitioning. The Mandy Moore angle is terrible. I fail to see why a character like Vince would get caught up by Mandy Moore of all people. It's like the writers thought they needed to bring conflict and depth to Vince's character when the truth of the matter is that Vince's whole character is based on a lack of depth! Also, the fact that E's new girlfriend is alot hotter than Mandy Moore is completely underscoring the ridiculousness of the situation.

Overall though, there were a few highlights. Ari was incredible as usual, and it was funny to see a reanimated Beverly D'angelo come out of hiding. Where did they find her? I thought they only take her out of carbon freezing for Chevy Chase movies.

High Point: Beverly D'angleo, Walsh scoring QB with a sitar, Ari
Low Point: Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy, Vince and Mandy

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