Thursday, August 25, 2005

It Turns Out They CAN Dance

3 words: I love this show (okay,that was 4). I'll admit it (even though T has already outed me)- I had a little So You Think You Can Dance party last night. We bitched about every little thing, and judged these people as if we knew what we were talking about - and I loved every minute. Here are the top 5 things I like to bitch about:

1. What is UP with Snow's eyebrows?
2. I hate Blake. I know that the directors are purposefully trying to make him the bad guy, and that he is probably the best dancer, but I hate him anyway.
3. The only person I hate more than Blake is the clean cut hip-hop judge - he is entirely too self-satisfied.
4. Why is Nick so dumb? All he can say is "Wow".
5. What was with the new age jazz choreographer's dog in the audience? It looked like a deformed Ewok.

What got annoying was the 10 hours of commentary after each performance. I wish they would cut this show down to an hour (2 hours is entirely too long) and muffle the judges, instead just asking them to show number from one to ten, a la the Olympics. But, thanks to my best friend TiVo, and it became the perfect show.

High Point: Judging lots and lots of people (I LOVE to judge people)
Low Point: T whining every two seconds (but I notice he never actually left the room....)

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