Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Passing Grade for Campus Confidential

ABC Family's Campus Confidential was "not bad". I have to say, much better acting than Beautiful People, but it would be hard not to top that show. Again, it paid homage to Mean Girls, but added a few novel things that cracked me up: for example, besides the obvious A-List cliques of the cheerleaders, jocks, pretty people...etc, they had the "Fab Five" clique, with the fashionable gay guys. Casting was well done - I liked that Peg Bundy was the understanding Mom - haven't heard from her since Futurama got cancelled. Also Cornelia, who played the good guy-turned-evil, was basically the same character she played in the WB's Jack & Bobby.

The best part of the whole thing was when I realized that this movie was trying to be a modern day Animal Farm... at first I thought they were being subtly clever about the whole thing - until the last scene where the writers threw it in your face with an oral book report and meaningful glances at the Snowball-type offender. All in all, I would give the movie an acceptable "C+".

High Point: When the school tabloid "inned" the head of the Fab Five - yes I saw it coming from 5 miles away, but it was still pretty funny.
Low Point: I enjoyed a made-for-TV movie that was aimed at a tween audience...

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