Friday, August 12, 2005


Okay, so I'm getting desperate for the summer re-runs/reality hell to finish, so I TiVo'd the new show on FX, Starved. The show follows four friends who are in a dysfunctional eating disorder group - the motto of the group is "Its not okay". The friends characters seem intersting enough: a fat husband, a bulemic cop, an anorexic performer (not clear if she just dances or if she also sings?), and a compulsive chocolate cake eating (but really anorexic) generic business guy. I've watched 2 episodes so far - the first one started off with a hilarious scene that included quotes like: "If you were a dog, I'd kick you in the face." Episode 2 still had some pretty funny scenes, but started getting a little too emotional.

This show seems to be following a new trend of comedy-slash-drama, but tends to lean more on the drama side. The comedy scenes are some of the most hilarious that I've seen on cable TV, but the drama so hammed up that it makes me want to punch myself, so that's a shame. Also, as a warning - the scenes can get pretty grotesque at time - i.e. you actually see the cop throw up (not just the motions) and there is a pretty disgusting hospital scene after a "colonic". It probably won't make it on my permanent rotation during the 2005-2006 schedule unless it stops taking itself so seriously - but its enough to feed my hungry TiVo during the summer doldrums.

High Point: The Carrot Comparison scene in episode 1 (obviously, has more to it than just orange vegatables.)

Low Point: The pushy gay father who drove his pretending-to-be-gay-for-her-fans-but-really-is-straight daughter to anorexia/bulemia.

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