Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Have No Shame

Just finished watching High School Musical on the Disney channel. No - I am not ashamed! Long live Disney movies, ABC family movies and Lifetime movies! Sometimes I think that maybe (just maybe) at the age of 25, I might be too old for the Disney channel. Even with these negative thoughts floating in my mind, I decided I would give HSM a chance - and I am so glad I did! I love Broadway, Bollywood and pretty much anything with coordinated singing and dancing and lots of costume changes... and this movie musical was no let down. Although the lyrics were a little bit too "cute" at times, the tunes were catchy. And although lessons were attempted to be taught to the audience (i.e. Be Your Own Person! Don't Submit to Peer Pressure! You Can Be Anything You Want To Be!) I still had a fun time watching, and yes, I do feel a little bit more confident in myself!! At and the very least, it renewed my enthusiasm to drag T to more broadway musicals (sorry T, you know it had to happen sometime!) If you have kids - definitely watch along with them. If you're like me and just enjoyo watching the Disney channel... okay, okay, I know the chances that *another* 25 year old watching the Disney channel outside of a babysitting gig is pretty much slim to none... but at the very least try and catch the basketball scene in the first 15 minutes of the movie - the choreography is pretty cool.

Look at it this way... At least Disney Channel movies are still better than my disasterous Beautiful People low of TV watching. (Although I heard that Season 2 of BP will be starting shortly..................)

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