Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Pair of Jacks

Yes... it's true, the former Full House cast isn't doing very well... however, Bob Saget is the narrator to one of my new favorite comedies - How I Met Your Mother. And although I'll miss Jake in Progress, the news is that if (and it still is an "if"... ABC hasn't fully cancelled it yet) it gets cancelled, John Stamos will likely join the cast of ER full time. Although I hate ER (the only medical show I like is Scrubs), it is considered a hit show, so good for Stamos. Also, don't forget that Dave Coulier made his comeback with Skating With Celebrities (albeit a terrible comeback - I've heard the show is head-stabbingly painful) and Lori Laughlin (sp?) did have a mini-cult following with Summerland on the WB... and as for DJ... how quickly we forget her memorable performance in the Lifetime original movie She Cried No!!

All in all.... not quite a Full House, but not quite a draw either.

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