Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My TiVo Hates Me

For those of you who have dogs, do you ever notice that they act out if you leave them alone for extended periods of times? They'll chew up a slipper or leave a "present" for you in the living room... well, my TiVo acted out because it was neglected for two weeks. For the past few weeks, I've been around the world and back - London, Delhi, Atlanta, New York; the whole time I was dreaming of my TiVo, and feeling sorry that I left the poor thing behind in a cold apartment. In Heathrow I was anticipating the "Booze Cruise" episode of The Office; in the Indian Desert I was dreaming about mischief the Bluth Family had gotten themselves into in Arrested Development; from way back (and I mean WAY back) in the economy section (read: cattle class) of my Virgin Atlantic Airbus, I was loathing Santini and couldn't wait to see him voted off in the next Project Runway.

Well when I returned home, I found out that Dunder-Mifflin, the Bluths and Heidi were all ignored... the TiVo froze right after the holiday break - which means right before all the new episodes started airing. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway)... I WAS PISSED. But like any of your children/pets/entertainment systems... I couldn't stay mad for long.. I reset it and hoped it realized how much I loved it. Keep reading for updates on all my... um, I mean Your... favorite shows!


The Big Cheese Man said...

it's not just your tivo, ur an idiot and that's why THE WORLD hates you!!! gotcher big cheese!

M said...

Ah... love the fans!