Friday, January 20, 2006

New Game

Alright – now we’re going to play a new game. It’s called “Lets Pretend We’re the Network Big Wigs”. Today, I’ll play the role of CBS.

BW #1: We need a new show to get a younger audience.
BW #2: I’ve got an idea, how about CSI: Vatican City?
BW #1: No, we already cater to that audience. It’s got to be racier – more Fox-like!
BW #2: OK... how about a show with Sarah Jessica Parker and 3 friends gallivanting around New York City? They can go to fancy clubs and lunches and talk about their dating life? SJP can have a quirky, off-beat job and she’ll narrate to the audience.
BW #1: Great idea! Oh wait... I think some cable channel did something like that already... Sexy City or something like that...
BW #2: Oh.... well, why don’t we replace SJP with Tom Cavanaugh? Girls like him because they think he’s a “nice guy”. Tom and his 3 friends can gallivant around New York City, going to fancy clubs and lunches to talk about their dating lives. Tom can have a quirky off-beat job and he’ll narrate to the audience.
BW #1: That’s Brilliant!! Never been done – original stuff!! But what will we call it?
BW #2: My wife has a book in the bathroom called “Love Monkey” – how about that?
BW #1: Done and done.

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