Friday, January 27, 2006

R.I.P Jonathan Kent

I. Can't. Believe. It.

They killed Clark's father???? I'll let you in on a little secret - I was fully prepared to cry for last night's 100th episode of Smallville. I had my box of kleenexes and everything, wondering who Jor El was going to take. I was surprised when Lana died, because there was so much buzz in the chatrooms saying that they saw a scene with Lana in a car crash, that I figured it must be somebody else. I didn't even feel that sad, because I figured it might have been a good way to segue into the whole Lois Lane thing. (And obviously, when Lois died, we knew it was fake, because you can't have Superman with out Lois Lane.)

Then I thought they would take Lionel - that Jonathan would kill him in the barn and it would be his first official scandal as a Senator... the minute I realized that it was Mr. Kent who really died, the tears started flowing... I couldn't believe it! DAMN YOU JOR EL!!!

I have to say though, what really put me over the edge was the funeral scene.... Tom throwing the dirt on his father's casket... Lana letting go of Clark's hand... Lionel giving Martha Kent the "look"... Lex watching his fantasy father's funeral, shunned, in the corner... it was all too much for me. I sobbed for a good few minutes after the episode ended (I tried to have T console me, but I was ignored. Stupid, insensitive T.)

Here's the characters I think should died instead:
1. Lionel - obviously, because I think now that Lex has been turning evil by himself, we don't really need him around.

2. Lana - I've always found her a bit whiny, but when she let go of Clark's hand when he needed her most, I wanted to slap her. Plus we need CK to get over her so he can move on to Lois.

3. Chloe - I actually really like Allison Mac and her character, but she's not an original Superman character, so I would have been okay with it.

For future episodes... will Martha step in for Senator, because her husband technically won the election? Or will Lex get his wishes with the Senate (and with Lana???) Who will Lionel tell about the secret he confronted Jonathan with?

Stay tuned... for now, we'll miss you Jonathan Kent!

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