Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well... They Said Season 5 Would Start With A "Bang"!

I know I have a ton of TV to catch up on, but first lets deal with 2 day, 4 hour season premier of 24. President Palmer is finally assasinated! I've only seen Seasons 1 & 4 of 24, but Season 1 was all about Palmer's assassination (unsuccessful thanks to our beloved Jack!) (Side note on that, I invested my whole holiday weekend to watch Season 1, and I got through it all in 2 days - now THAT is dedication to being a couch potato!) So, yes, it was a great episode - Michelle's dead, which is apparently sad for a lot of people who are invested into her character, but I really wasn't, so I wasn't too upset. Palmer is dead and Jack is blamed - this is great TV people! And Tony is badly wounded - do I smell a mid-season recovery and vegence for Michelle's death coming on? You betcha! Chloe is sleeping with new hot guy at CTU - and Edgar is acting jealous. Doesn't get better than this! All this aside - all I could really think about is how much I hate President Logan. T kept saying throughout the episodes that Logan is the new Sherry - now I've only seen Sherry in action for Season 1 - and she was incredibly annoying, but she is no Logan!! What is wrong with him?! I always feel that it must take a great actor to make me hate a television character so much, but come on - there are limits - the actor himself must be the most annoying person on earth - nobody can "act" that irritating, I don't care if its "method" or not!! Logan makes me want to jump into the tv set and strangle him to put us viewers (and Jack!!) out of our misery. As for the introduction of Logan's wife - yes, she seems a little hysterical, but I'm not averse to her yet... I think so far she's misunderstood... and I loved her ploy to get the access card from the secret service guy in the bathroom! Then there's Jack's new girlfiend Diane and her son. I don't really care about either one, except that I feel that if I'm going to watch TV then I want to see pretty people in the casts. I can see ugly people in real life - I don't need to waste my TV time on them! Why couldn't they cast the son to be good looking? Then he would immediately go from the audience being annoyed with him to the audience having sympathy for him. Just some superficial food for thought.

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