Monday, September 25, 2006

I Am An Idiot

One of the things I like best about Grey's Anatomy is the tight lid Shonda Rhimes keeps on all of the storylines. So when you do hear spoilers, you assume that Shonda and the writing team has leaked them, and there's something even better coming in the episode because there's no way they'd leak the good stuff.

Well the whole system falls apart when viewers see an episode they're not supposed to and post the spoilers, and idiots like myself read them because we have no self-restraint.

Canada "accidentally" (they're calling it a satellite feed error) aired episode 2 intead of episode 1 last week. Episode 2 was supposed to be the first episode of the season, but then ABC requested the switch because they thought it was a bit confusing, and they wanted Shonda to tell more backstory to attract even more viewers. Also, all of my favorite bloggers (e.g. Ausiello, Kristin from E!) say that episode 2 is WAY better than episode 1

As I said before, I have no self restraint. If you don't either, here's a link filled with spoilers that basically recaps the entire episode:

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