Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday's with M

So far we've been drawn in (Studio 60) and recoiled (6 Degrees)... what's in store for the continuation of the fall premieres??

Season Premiere Watch

Heroes (NBC)

M says: Um, watch this!!!!


Boston Legal (ABC)
Help Me Help You (ABC)
Gilmore Girls (CW)

M says: The only one that grabs my interest is GG, but I am still in the middle of Season 2 on DVD... it's just too much for me to catch up on, so I'll probably end up having to watch the whole thing. For those of you who are worried about the Palladino team leaving - don't. All critics agree that the show is in capable hands and better than ever.

One Tree Hill (CW)

M Says: I don't really care.

Ugly Betty (ABC)
Smallville (CW)
Supernatural (CW)

M says: I am so excited for the return of Smallville. I have also been super-psyched about the series premiere of Ugly Betty. However, I now have a conflict that the TiVo isn't equipped for. My strategy: watch/TiVo Earl/Office with Smallville. Watch Ugly Betty on ABC's free online video player over the weekend HERE.

All of Us (CW)
Everybody Hate's Chris (CW)
Girlfriends (CW)
The Game (CW)

M says: The UPN returns in the minority spot.

M's Weekly Spotlight:

Monday: Heroes (NBC), Studio 60 (NBC)

Tuesday: Dead Like Me (SciFi), Eureka (SciFi)

Wednesday: Jericho (CBS), Project Runway (Bravo)

Thursday: Smallville (CW), Ugly Betty (ABC)

Sunday: Desparate Housewives (ABC)


1. The Lost Experience is over! Rachel Blake is Alvar Hanso's daughter! He's being held captive by his next-in-line Thomas Mittlework! Watch Lost!

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