Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm Tired!

Last night was a mini tv marathon for me. I was trying to catch up on some shows I missed last week (Smith), while also catching the original episodes of my Monday favorites (Prison Break, Heroes (though it premiered last night, there really was no question as to whether this would be a favorite!) and Studio 60). Needless to say, four one-hour long shows is a lot, even for me. So you ask, what did I think of these shows? Well.....

Smith: I'm confused. Am I supposed to like any of these characters? The antihero, the always creepy Ray Liotta, did not instill much love. And Amy Smart, who I normally like, was just so violently evil... I'm not sure I could like her either. The only one I felt any good wishes towards was Joe, the guy who brought poor Sean into the gang. Seriously though, did anyone not see his death coming a while away? Big gambling debt, plus Ray Liotta going Goodfellas crazy on him in an alley - please, he was a goner from 20 minutes into the show. I am intrigued by Bobby's wife, who is (secretly?) a recovering drug addict on parole. I'm guessing Bobby knows about this. I was actually hoping that she would turn out to be an undercover cop or something. I don't know, I'll give this show another chance, but I was overall disappointed.

Prison Break: Tbag is just too creepy. I really don't want to think about what he did or didn't do to that desperate housewife before Michael busted in. The last couple of weeks have been a little slow I thought, though I am happy Sucre is back with the gang. And Mahone is great - in a completely different way (i.e. not creepy) than he was in Invasion last season. I'm loving that he's on to Michael - you know it's just a matter of time before he finds that website. Can't wait to see what Michael does to retailiate and slow the FBI guy down.

Heroes: I really loved this premiere. As someone who has never read a comic book ever, I was a little worried, based on reading some of the entertainment blogs, that this show would be too comic-fan friendly. So far, so good. My favorite character has got to be Hiro, the hilarious Japanese character who can teleport and bend time. I loved his interaction with his coworker friend, who just wanted to be the same as everyone else (nice touch with the karaoke - I always appreciate a karaoke seen in a tv show!). And Milo Ventiblahblah (let's just call him Jess, because until his name from this show sticks he'll be Jess from Gilmore Girls to me) could also be a great character - interesting that his brother is somehow tied into his power. I don't know what to make of Niki, the internet stripper/porn girl who's special power seems to involve brutally killing mob bosses. All in all, I really liked all of these characters, and could write a lot more about what I think of them (for instance, can someone please stop Claire from testing her indestructibility? I really don't need to see her mangled hand after she puts it down the garbage disposal!). For more information as to the possible link(s) between all the characters, I recommend checking out tvguide.com (the watercooler recap of last night's episode wasn't bad) and kristin's column on eonline.com.

Studio 60: Still my favorite new show. I'm loving Jordan more this week ("I raised the bar high? Sorry, clear it."). The only thing that may annoy me is the Matt-Harriet storyline, if that romance gets dragged out across seasons. But I have faith in Sorkin - this show, especially this week, feels so much like the good years of the West Wing that I may have to start watching the reruns again on Bravo!!

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