Thursday, September 21, 2006

Midweek with M

Holy Smokes, Scooby... lots has happened, and a cool Lost Update!

Watched Studio 60 on NBC (10pm)... Wow these guys can talk FAST! It makes Gilmore Girls seem like a snail paced show. however, I thought it was the best Pilot I've seen so far (including topping my fave pilot so far, Heroes). The only other one I think that might be better may be The Nine (ABC, premiers Oct 4, 10pm), so I'm keeping an open mind. Basically Chandler... um, I mean, Matt Ablie and Danny Tripp(Bradley Whitford) are doing the buddy cop thing, but in a Network TV environment... and boy do they do it well - there haven't been best buddies like this since Kate & Allie. Then there's Wings' Steve Weber being evil Studio exec, who's very.. um, evil. And finally Amanda Peet plays Jordan Something, who does a great job except for that weird looks she makes at the end of every scene... like SNL, I think the weekly guest will always add some amusement (good work for week 1 Felicity Huffman!) Definitely catch this one, but you might need some coffee to keep up.

HIMYM came back with a great episode... except lovey-dovey Robin & Ted may get annoying real soon. NPH was exceptionally awesome: "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and start being awesome. True story." How I missed you, Mother!

The Class had it's official series premiere. If you watched it and more importantly liked it, leave this website right now. I mean IMMEDIATELY: you have a terrible sense of humor and you're just not welcome here.

Tried watching much anticipated Smith, however, I was incredibly lost by about minute 3. I did turn it off, but didn't delete it from my TiVo. You know my rule - give an iffy pilot three episodes before you decide whether to watch it or not. Will let you know how it goes next week

Watched the premiere of Jericho - great stuff. I knew I would like it! It is very dark and depressing... reminds me of 1994, when I would tune into MSCL just to have a good cry (what happened to you, Claire Danes?) Basically, the pilot set up the series, so it the acting and scearios weren't A+ work, however, the premise really got to me, especially in this day and age. PS: Did you catch the accent of the president on the television. Bravo.

I also watched the tail end of Spanglish, one of my all time fave movies. If you haven't see Adam Sandler in this star-crossed lovers tear-jerker, add it to your queue immediately!!!

Tonight (Thursday)
Finally, the resolution of the Jim/Pam stolen kiss!!! Too bad the NYTimes already ruined it for unassuming readers... but it's still going to be great. Earl also comes back tonight... I'm a little concerned because the producers said that they want to take less focus from the list, which is the whole premise of the show!! Let's see how it goes.

And finally, what every girl has been waiting for all summer (with the exception of me, I guess), the return of Grey's Anatomy. If it isn't already obvious who's going to choose who, then that's your fault, and I won't spoil it. However, if you watch tonight, you'll find that 3 people are in bed with people they're not supposed to be... interesting. I'll be attending one of the millions of Grey's parties tonight at my sister's apartment.

Finally, the much anticipated conclusion of The Lost Experience!!!! We now know the background of the Hanso Foundation, and what DHARMA stands for. We know the origin of the numbers, and perhaps the purpose and location of the island... but now, the game is coming to exciting conclusion with a DJ Dan Podcast on September 24th.

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K said...

You should have a section on the side with all the web links to where you get your info, spoilers, favorite tv critics... etc. Just a thought to make it easier for us tv-blog junkies (and new fanatsy tv-ers)

M said...

I'm working on it!! Actually, I'm reformatting the whole right side of the page... stay tuned!