Monday, September 25, 2006

Recap: Premiere Week 1

In no particular order, here's my take on the series premieres and returns from last week:

Grey's Anatomy - Oh how I missed this show. I thought Izzie was the highlight of this episode - I was more interested in watching her grieve over Denny than watching the "who will Meredith choose" bit. Come on now, if you read any of the entertainment websites at all, or even have watched a tv show in the past with the star-crossed lover thing, you know the answer to that one. But Izzie was more of a shock for me - she frustrated me endlessly with her whining at the end of last season, but I was totally loving her in this ep - she definitely had me near tears at several moments. As for the rest of the episode... The flashbacks were a good idea - I especially liked seeing Meredith & McDreamy meeting at the bar for the first time and the McDreamy & Addison fight scene. Also, though I was getting a little sick of the Meredith-McDreamy will-they-or-won't-they-be-together thing, the speech at the end of the episode when he told her to take her time, because when he had a choice to make he chose wrong - oh my god, swoon. I was dying. And poor Finn - his hat's in the ring - but he has no chance.

Studio 60 - Love this show. It's by far my favorite of the new shows so far, just as I expected. I loved the Aaron Sorkin years of the West Wing, and this show has that same feel to it. I love the fast pace, great characters (it doesn't hurt that Josh Lyman is back - my favorite from WW - yay!) and overall storyline. Amanda Peet is a great surprise - I've liked her since Jack & Jill - but I never thought she was an especially good actress. Well here, with Sorkin's dialogue to work from, I'm loving her character so far.

The Office - How hilarious is Dwight? I have nothing but great things to say about this show. If you're not watching it, WHY NOT??? It's definitely the best comedy on right now (and I say right now because Scrubs isn't back til January - but don't make me choose then!).

Desperate Housewives - Saw the premiere last night. It was better than most of the garbage they gave us last season, but I'll never love this show. Even season 1, which was clearly the golden year, I wasn't as enamored as the rest of the country. I thought Susan was surprisingly good, and even touching in her scenes with comatose Mike. The Lynette-other woman storyline is already getting on my nerves - Tom is so weak there is no way a woman as strong as Lynette should be with him. Yes, I'm a Tom-hater. I'm looking forward to when Bree's son comes back, but overall I'm not that interested in the Orson storyline.

Brothers & Sisters - I liked this show more than I thought I would. It doesn't hurt that there are a ton of cute guys to look at in this huge Alias-filled cast. Balthazar Getty's character is already more interesting than the Tom character he played on the last season of Alias. And Calista Flockhart was great. It appears to be a theme this season to have a female cast member play a Republican and for those politics to be a plot device (see Sarah Paulson's character on Studio 60) , but I'm okay with that. I'm looking forward to seeing where this show's going to go.

Prison Break - I'm really kicking myself for not watching the first season of this great show. I'll have to get the DVD and spend a weekend catching up. I've been watching since it premiered, and I have to say I see why everyone loves this show. It's well written and the kind of show where you're screaming at the end because you want more. I still can't keep track of everyone's name (which makes reading about the show difficult!), but seriously, if you're not watching this show, start!! It's really good stuff.

Vanished - I've lost interest. I'll probably watch this show in passing throughout the season, but I'm so over the story. Ooh Sara is kidnapped and has a mysterious past. Well she's gonna remain kidnapped or there's no show, and not even I can deal with a storyline that moves that slowly.

Six Degress - I haven't watched the premiere yet, but looking forward to it. I'll report back post-watching!

Looking forward to this week... Gilmore Girls finally returns with the Lauralei and Christopher debacle (though I am clearly in the minority on this one, I love those 2 together - Luke & Lauralei have zero chemistry and I'm sick of watching their awkward scenes!!) ... Heroes premiers tonight - can't wait! ... and Ugly Betty premieres on Thursday - I'm really hoping this show lives up to the hype.

And don't think I've forgotten about Veronica Mars - that doesn't premiere until October 3, but I can't wait!!

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