Friday, September 29, 2006

Grey's Week 2

How awesome was GA last night??? My guess is even better if you didn't read the spoilers and know about a) Meredith's non-choice (go Meredith!! I don't think I could be happier with the result of the McVet-McDreamy dilemma... at least, for now!), and b) the surprise return of McSteamy. But I did, and I still was like, HOLY CRAP! when McSteamy came out of that bathroom looking way too hot in a towel, saying "this is awkward."

As I'm not sure I can adequately blog about this episode, which I thought was just so amazing for so many of the characters (least of all Izzie and Bailey - I swear, I was tearing up when Bailey said, "No more muffins") - well, I'm directing you to the best post-Grey's reading out there - - it's a blog from the Grey's writers, posted the day following the episode. Seriously, nothing I can say here isn't covered by them so check it out!

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