Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spoiled Rotten

How much spoilage is too much? That's a lesson that I'm slowly learning. I love reading spoilers, but I only like to go to boards that don't give away *too* much - afterall, as a TV lover, I do like the experience of a twist!

However, there is a user on the ABC Lost Message Boards that seems to be an ex-member of the writing team. There are almost a thousand posts on this board - a lot of them devoted to called the user (Lost_Explained_2006) a fraud, a phony and a complete joke. I, myself, was a little skeptical, which is why I started reading in the first place... I figured that there would be no way that this guy could have any real information... HOWEVER, I started reading a page or two (and there's now more than 30 pages of posts)... and this guy is either playing a really elaborate and well-thoughtout hoax, or he's the REAL DEAL. And I am now tending to believe the latter. If you check his post dates against information released from the Lost Experience ARG, he's been right so far. Another sign that points to his expertise was that he had conflicting information with Kristen from eOnline (about in which episode Rodrigo Santoro's character would appear), and according to an ABC news release today, HE WAS RIGHT and Kristen was wrong.

If you have some time to burn, and you really, really want to risk knowing MAJOR spoilers and nit-picky details (which may or may not be true!) try reading this post. You can either read through the questions and answers that have already been posted, or post questions yourself:

AGAIN, a warning that this is the stuff for spoiler JUNKIES, and be really careful if you go there - it's quite addictive, and seems to be really accurate. The only thing he wouldn't spoil was the big secret finale at the end of episode 6, that is supposed to change the nature of the show.

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