Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Answer Key

The Beautiful People season finale had some twists! If you took the quiz below, here are the answers:

1. b (The twist: Although Karen leaves her seemingly-player boyfriend for the photographer, in the last minute of the season, Karen finds out that she lost the modeling contest BECAUSE of the gruff photographer, so she's runs away. Will he win her back in Season 3?)

2. b (The twist: Lynn confronts her business partner, Maddie, about stealing and using again and tells her not to come back until she gets help, otherwise Lynn will turn her in for embezzlement. But in the second to last scene, Maddie tells Lynn that the whole business is in Maddie's name, so if Lynn turns her in, Lynn will lose everything! Will Lynn regain control of her business in season 3?)

3. a (The twist: The baby wasn't Chris'! (It was his brother's - who's in jail for armed robbery.) Although Sophie and Chris get together, Lynn forbids Sophie from dating him because of his shady past. Sophie openly disobeys Lynn, but at the same time wonders if it's all worth it. Will Sophie & Chris stay together in Season 3? If so, will Lynn accept their relationship?)

4. a (The twist: Although K does have too much time on her hands, M is very jealous. And also annoyed that she can't number from 1 to 5.)

5. ? (Don't know if the show has been renewed or not. Let us hold hands and pray for not. )

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